Huell Howser

A Very Special In-N-Out Trip

This Sunday, two of California's finest will team up for one fantastic hour — Huell Howser receives exclusive behind-the-scenes access to all things In-N-Out Burger. This one-hour special of California’s Gold (set to air on KCET Sunday, January 31 at 7 PM) marks the first time In-N-Out Burger has ever allowed cameras in their stores or at the headquarters in Baldwin Park.

Founded in Baldwin Park in 1948 by Harry and Esther Snyder, In-N-Out Burger has remained a family-owned business and now operates throughout four states (California, Utah, Arizona, and Nevada). Huell Howser visits the company’s headquarters for a personal tour of the company store and the sign shop where they create every piece of In-N-Out Burger signage for all 240 locations! Also in this episode, Huell gets an exclusive invitation to attend In-N-Out “University” and meets the company’s owner, Lynsi Martinez, who teaches courses on In-N-Out Burger culture and history to managers in training. If you are a fan of In-N-Out, and an even bigger fan of Huell, this is an episode not-to-be-missed.

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Want to brush up on your In-N-Out knowledge before Huell's big day? KCET is here to help you straighten out your Animal Styles from you 4x4s:

Related: You think the 4x4 is impressive? Try a 100x100 (Yep. That's right. 100 patties and 100 slices of cheese stacked between two buns.):

Related: In-N-Out means more than just burgers, it means jobs. Hundreds of applicants line up for a chance to work at an In-N-Out opening in West Sacramento:

Related: Albuquerque's local news tackles the stories that really matter — like when will an In-N-Out open in their city? The answer will sadden a great many from the state of New Mexico:

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Hi, I would like to know if the company limited the orders to 4X4 burgers because they demand for the 10x10 to 100x100 would continue to grow.

@erik c, advancements in bun technology have not kept pace with the engineering breakthroughs of stacking in-n-out patties to ever more incredible heights. much like the human body's inability to withstand excessive g-forces, a bun will encounter incredible torsional stress at anything greater than 4x4 which would inevitably result in catastrophic burger failure. for this reason, and for the safety and enjoyment of their customers, in-n-out puts restrictions on the height of in-n-out burgers.

The In-N-Out burgers are very good and they are really freshly made, and the fries are some of the best ever, although a bit on the thin side, but this is apparently a regional thing. We usually ask for the fries well done, because most of the time they are a bit too light and sometimes even a bit raw. The basic burger is very good, and has great texture and mouth feel, and are juicy in a way that many burgers are definitely not. The bread is very fresh and light, and has a great texture. We like the very crisp lettuce and the juiciness of the tomatoes. My wife and I sometimes go out for a treat at In-N-Out. All are not really exactly the same, no matter what the company says. We have our favorites.
(However, and not to be a kill-joy, I usually prefer a Jumbo Jack. No cheese. Just the Jack with lettuce, tomato and onions. Inexpensive and good. And also freshly made. After their poisoned burger debacle decades ago, they have learned their lesson about freshly made.)
Too many burger joints still keep their burgers premade and in a pan on the grill, and just warm them up. Same with bacon. Report them to the health officials in your jurisdiction.
In-N-Out has never had that problem, which is why they have such a loyal following.
"Hats off!" to In-N-Out!

The reason that getting more than four meat pattys on your burger is stopped company wide is because it is a quality issue and that is definetly one of the thing in n out burger prides themself on. After the "100x100" incident alot of people where discusted by how that burger looked and the company took that to heart. Not wanting to sacrifice quality like that again now you can only get up to 4 eat pattys on your burger.

Can you tell me when the In & Out Burger episode will be repeated. Also when 'Auditions for the Met' will be repeated. thanks

@joan: I was wondering the same thing. Finally found it here:

Next time it's on KCET appears to be 2/13 at 7pm

How can I get a copy of A Very Special In-N-Out Trip?

I am in SF Bay Area and I can't find the In-N-Out episode anywhere.

KQED (our local PBS) doesn't list it and it doesn't come up in iTunes.

Please - where can I see this episode? TV or online, either is fine.


Is there a re-airing of this In-N-Out special scheduled for March? We missed it due to the Olympics coverage.


I think the In-and-Out Burger show will be aired again Dec 25 2010 at 7pm if I read the web site right. I look forward to seeing it again.

Any info on when I can see this in the SF Bay Area? Online? iTunes? I can't seem to find it.


To Huell Howser:

Hi Huell-we met at Susan Gottlieb's on the Garden Tour (I'm the "Birdman:!). How do I order a copy of the In-N-Out show? My son is in grad school in New York, and the first thing he does when he comes home is head for the local In-N-Out. I did not get the ordering info written down at the end of the episode.

Bob Shanman
Wild Birds Unlimited

I too am interested in buying the DVD, but am not finding a way to order it. It is my brother's favorite place to eat when he visits from Seattle.


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I think the In-and-Out Burger show will be aired again Dec 25 2010 at 7pm if I read the web site right. I look forward to seeing it again.