Huell Howser

Where's Huell 1/21 - 1/27

This week, Huell spends some time with a whistling champ and her mom (that's right, Whistler's Mother). Then it is off to Red Rock Canyon, the Getty Villa, Forestiere Underground Gardens, Newberry Springs, and a medical center that has ties to the soap opera business. A full week for Huell, and a lot of California to learn about for you!

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Thursday - January 21; 7:30pm: Whistling Champ - Huell visits with the Whistling Champ Carole Anne Kaufman at her salon, then stops in at her Mom's store - the Wizard of Bras... its a combo you won't want to miss.

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Friday - January 22; 9:00pm: Red Rock Canyon - Located just of f highway 14, Red Rock Canyon State Park features scenic desert cliffs, buttes and spectacular rock formations. The park is not only rich in natural beauty, but has a deep human history as well. From the native Kawaiisu Indians, who left petroglyphs, to the 1870s 20-mule team freight wagons that stopped for water. There are also the remains of 1890s-era mining operations, and the area has been the site for a number of movies.

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Saturday - January 23; 7:00pm: County USC Medical Center - Join Huell as he gets a tour of Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center which has been a familiar landmark for over a 100 years. The big white building has been used in many TV shows and films and has serviced countless patents over the years. In 2008 the old hospital finally closed its doors and all the remaining patients were moved to the new state of the facility across the street.

Related: In addition to being a working hospital, County USC Medical Center plays that melodramatic General Hospital five days a week:

Sunday - January 24; 7:30pm: Newberry Springs - After seeing a web site devoted to all the great cultural and historic sites to see along the original Route 66 in the Newberry Springs area, Huell prints out the map and hops in his car - eager to start his next ROAD TRIP.He doesn't find the Buffalo Ranch, Big Al's Pistachio Plant, or the Ostrich Farm he was looking for, but Huell does meet a group of warm, interesting and generous Newberry Springs locals. And, after spending a day there, Huell discovers firsthand that the beauty and strength of a town, any town, is not in the number of its attractions or tourist stops, but in the friendliness and character of the people who call it home.As always, you're invited to come along for the ride... its gonna be a great trip!

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Monday - January 25; 7:30pm: Getty Villa - In 1945, J. Paul Getty acquired his Malibu retreat which now includes a Romanesque gallery full of priceless art. Huell also tours the propety’s historically-accurate Ancient Roman crop garden.

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Tuesday - January 26; 7:30pm: Land Sailing - Huell tries out an unusual type of sailing.

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Wednesday - January 27; 7:30pm: Under California - Join Huell and trace the lives of two men whose unique dreams in the early part of the century helped them to create two of our state's most amazing buried treasures. First, we visit the Underground Gardens of Baldasare Forestiere and the incredible labyrinth of tunnels, courtyards and vines. Next, we visit the Burro Schmidt Tunnel, where for 50 years an early pioneer of the Mojave dug a 2,000 foot tunnel through a mountain.

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