Eye of the Beholder

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Season 2, Episode 6: Season Finale

Mickey has a fantastic plan: to steal the Crown Jewels. The others assume it is a joke, they are not thieves. However, Mickey asks them to trust him and so they reluctantly agree to the elaborate con. This will be the biggest challenge they will ever undertake, but Mickey is convinced they are good enough to pull it off. Posing as a cleaner, Ash gets a job in the gallery where a diamond is to be exhibited. The news is not good; it will be virtually impossible to get near it because of the level of security. The plan is to cut power for 30 seconds, use the black-out to re-route the CCTV and, with all the street alarms ringing, turn off all the motion detectors. The gang is ready; so is Detective Chief Inspector Wells (Vincent Regan). Surrounding the gallery and desperate to catch them in the act, the police lie in wait.