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Season 3, Episode 6: Season Finale

Our heroes are still on a high from their latest triumph when they are hauled off to the police station on false drug charges by ambitious, fearless cop, DCI York (Ian Puleston-Davies). York's latest obsession is to catch notorious thief, Adam Rice (aka The Ghost) (Paul Nicholls). His plan is to blackmail the gang into doing his dirty work for him. Relishing his ingenuity, York promises to free the gang when they deliver Rice. But until they do, he is keeping Albert under lock and key. Having weighed up their options, the gang attempts to make contact with Rice, who lives up to his elusive reputation. They have to go to extraordinary lengths to track him down, then when they eventually make contact they have to convince him to join forces and pull off his next con together. Rice has been commissioned to steal a lost Hans Christian Andersen manuscript from inside a security-tight country-house the next night.