I Am The West
About the Show
"I Am the West" is a partnership between KCET and the Autry National Center.

"I Am the West" is a series of one-minute stories. Shot verite style, with no narration or on-camera host, "I Am the West," allows the viewer a glimpse into the reality of our subjects' daily lives. The point of view is first person, personal. The tone, real and honest. The stories are full of heart. We will meet unexpected people, see unexpected things, and be in unexpected places. We will see how the West has drawn millions to be who they are and do what they do specifically because they make the West their home. We will see how their culture, and unique experiences of life in the West, inspires them to do what they do. We will see what challenges them, what motivates them, what comforts them, and what gives them hope. We will learn how they make life mean something for themselves and their communities, and will see how the spirit of optimism and big dreams lives on in the West today. In this series of one minute profiles, we will focus on single individuals and their stories. The subjects, locations, and points of view will be as broad and diverse as the West itself.

I Am the West
Created by the Autry National Center
Producer, Director, Writer: Paula Kessler
Editor, Camera: Zach Putnam, Laura Purdy
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