I Am The West

Roberto Chavez

Portrait of Roberto Chavez.Avivaca, Arizona
Artist Roberto Chavez was born to parents who came to Los Angeles after the Mexican Revolution.  He had an early fascination with drawing, and in high school decided to become an artist after viewing an exhibition of art at the May Company downtown. After earning degrees from Los Angeles City College and UCLA, Chavez became an instructor at East Los Angeles College and was later appointed chair of the Chicano Studies Department.  Chavez co-founded the Ceeje Gallery, known for exhibiting figurative art.

Roberto Chavez at work.A completed piece by Roberto Chavez.

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I was delighted to find this !
Roberto Chavez and Charles Garabedian were both my teachers in the UCLA program for high school students.
I was fortunate to have such open and expansive teaching as a foundation for a life of art.
jan wurm