A Touch of Murder

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Curious who dies and who ends up with blood on his toga? Just want to find out what the cattiest line of the night was? Then check out our recap for this episode of "I, Claudius" here.

Episode I:

Rome, 24-9 BCE. Nearing the end of his life and surrounded by spies, Claudius, emperor of Rome, writes his family history. His tale begins during the reign of Augustus, with his treacherous grandmother, Livia, scheming to advance the career of her son, Tiberius.

Emperor Augustus begins to favour his nephew Marcellus over his friend Agrippa, who leaves Rome in protest. Livia wants her son Tiberius to become Augustus' heir, so she secretly poisons Marcellus, who eventually dies. Augustus has Agrippa return to Rome, and to seal their renewed friendship, he gives Julia, Marcellus' widow, to Agrippa to be his wife, infuriating Livia.