Inside E Street-TV for Insiders. From the Heart of the Nation's Capital and around the country, you're Inside E Street with Lark McCarthy. While many political talk shows fill time with high decibel opinions, Inside E Street is an informative half-hour talk show that delves into the issues behind the headlines. Inside E Street looks at the latest developments around the country affecting economic security, health care, job security, civil rights, and retirement. Featuring lively discussions from experts and insiders, Inside E Street gives you a front row seat to the debates that are shaping policy in Washington and impacting the lives of people across the country. At the helm of Inside E Street is host Lark McCarthy, Emmy award winning journalist, with three decades of experience covering vital issues and newsmakers in our nation's capital. Featured guests on Inside E Street include elected officials, policy makers, industry experts, respected journalists and leading thinkers. On any given program you'll hear from members of the President's Cabinet or the chair of a key Congressional committee; learn about a medical advance or dilemma from a leading researcher, or gain insight from a bestselling author who changed how we talk about life and death issues. (Former host from season one, Sheilah Kast).

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