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He's one hot cop and Italy's answer to Dirty Harry - or so he thinks. He's also an ignorant, crude and politically-incorrect buffoon despised by his colleagues and certainly not feared by the criminals he's chasing. Only his partner Trombetti sees past the bravado to the honest cop inside who's determined to fight crime and save the day, either through his own dumb luck or (Trombetti's) intuition. When he's not fighting crime he's got his own battles to fight - mainly his colleagues' constant mispronunciation of his name - a play on the Italian word "coglione" or balls. Directed by the Manetti Brothers, Italy's premier video directors, and starring Giampalo Morelli, Coliandro is shot on the streets of Bologna. Day of the wolf- In this first episode of the series, Inspector Coliandro and a young delivery girl have crooks hot on their tails after they see a computer file they weren't supposed to.
Unfortunately, this show or series does not have any scheduled upcoming episodes.
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