The Day of the Wolf

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Coliandro, a young, low-ranking police officer in Bologna, accidentally comes into contact with Nikita when she comes to see a colleague of his in another department. She wants to show him a suspect package that she has been given to deliver. Coliandro, seeing this as his big break in the force, offers to help her. The package contains a large sum of money in cash and a mysterious floppy disk that blocks the police computing system. When they try to deliver the package to the addressee, they find him dead in his office. With the help of a hacker, they manage to open up the disk and find that it contains the accounts of a company that is clearly a front for money laundering. Not knowing which way to turn, with the crooks hot on their trail, Coliandro and Nikita have to find their way through the complex ties between the police, the Mafia and the judicial system to find out exactly whom they can trust. Directed by tManetti Bros., 2003, color. In Italian with English subtitles.