'Inspector George Gently' Episode Guide

Here's a complete guide to seasons one through four of the British detective drama "Inspector George Gently." Click here to read extensive recaps of select episodes.

Season 1

1. "George Gently"
Chief Inspector George Gently takes on one last case before retiring, following the murder of his wife. The case involves the death of a young biker in the North East of England, and interests Gently as it has attracted the attention of Joe Webster -- his nemesis and the man responsible for the death of his wife. Gently enlists the aid of ambitious policeman, John Bacchus, to solve the case, but both find themselves up against enemies both within and outside the police force itself.

2. "The Burning Man"
The discovery of a burning body near an RAF base and possible connections to the IRA make an interesting case for Gently and Bacchus.

3. "Bomber's Moon"
Is the death of a German businessman connected to anti-German sentiments or connected to Army Special Forces?

4. "Gently with the Innocents"
Gently and Bacchus investigate the murder of the occupant of Harrison House. Their prime suspect is a former resident of the children's home that once occupied the premises, and their investigation leads to the shocking discovery of abuse.

5. "Gently in the Night"
The body of a young woman is discovered in a church. Investigating, Gently and Bacchus uncover the seedy nature of the hostess club where she worked.

6. "Gently in the Blood"
Gently and Bacchus are investigating the trade in fake passports when the body of a young civil servant, who had been working at the passport office, is found by the sea alongside her mixed-race baby. Gently uncovers a turf war between rival criminal gangs.

7. "Gently Through the Mill"
The manager of a mill is found hanged after an apparent suicide, but money is missing from the office safe and Gently suspects foul play. Bacchus attempts to infiltrate the local freemasonry.

Inspector George Gently Season Two

Season 2

1. "Gently Evil"
A young woman's body is found abd tge subsequent investigation leads Gently and Bacchus to suspect the victime's estranged husband, however they soon come to realise her family is hiding a shocking secret.

2. "Peace and Love"
In the summer of 1966 Gently and Bacchus are dispatched to Durham University to investigate the death of an academic and find themselves in the midst of a wave of social and sexual rebellion.

3. "Gently Upside Down"
A schoolgirl's killing brings Gently into the alien world of pop and media celebrity.

4. "Goodbye China"
The detective looks into the suspicious death of old frind and informant, China, when he is told conflicting reasons for the man's demise.

Inspector George Gently Season Three

Season 3

1. "Gently Northern Soul"
A young black girl, Dolores Kenny, is murdered, leading Gently to uncover a disturbing and racist undercurrent growing within the local community.

2. "Gently With Class"
The indefatigable Chief Inspector Gently and Detective Sergeant Bacchus experience the inflated authority of their 'social betters' first hand, when a beautiful young girl called Ellen Mallam is found dead in the passenger seat of a an upturned car registered to local aristocrats.

3. "The Lost Child"
Gently and Bacchus are thrown into an emotionally-wrought case when a middle class couple's adopted child is kidnapped. Featuring Mercedes Ruehl (Frasier, Entourage, Law & Order).

4. "Gently in the Cathedral"
Gently finds himself suspended from duty - powerless, unprotected and persecuted. Gently must confront his deepest fears and fight to the death. Featuring Kevin Whately (Inspector Morse, Lewis) and Diana Quick (Brideshead Revisited, Lewis, New Tricks, Midsomer Murders).

Inspector George Gently Season Four

Season 4

1. "Gently Between the Lines"
Gently investigates a death in police custody--and insists that Bacchus assist him, even though his sergeant has just submitted his formal resignation. In the process, the inspector has to tread a careful path between fellow officers who are closing ranks in support of each other and a local population grown increasingly hostile towards the police.

2. "Blue for Bluebird"
The body of a young woman washed up on the beach turns the attentions of Gently and Bacchus to the nearby holiday camp where she worked. The once-thriving business is clearly in financial trouble, and the detectives discover the lengths to which some are prepared to go to keep the camp afloat.

3. "Gently with Honor"
When a man is beaten to death in a Turkish bath, suspicion falls on an ex-soldier with a history of mental instability. But the mystery deepens when a psychologist who had been treating the suspect hangs himself after leaving money to the soldier in his will.

4. "Gently Going Under"
The death of a coal miner 800 feet underground presents logistical problems for Gently and Bacchus. More challenging still is figuring out which of the tensions and rivalries raging above the surface - between labor and management, in the local community, and among the members of the dead man's family - is a motive for murder.