Belugas, Cousteau's Blue Hole and Spinner Dolphins

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Segment 1: Mystic Beluga Whales. At the Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut, Jonathan gets up close and personal with Beluga whales as he learns what its like to train and take care of thousand pound marine mammals. Segment 2: Cousteau's Blue Hole. Tucked away in the forest on Andros Island in the Bahamas is a small circular pond. But this particular pond is actually a Blue Hole, over 400 feet deep. Jonathan explores the depths of this Blue Hole and finds some fascinating biological processes going in the depths. Segment 3: Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins. Off of the Big Island of Hawaii, Jonathan cavorts with a pod of playful Spinner dolphins and learns how they hunt at night and sleep during the day by shutting off half their brains at a time!