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Rainforests, as the name suggest, are some of the wettest places on the planet, and none more so than the Amazon. Standing at the top of Angel Falls, the highest waterfall in the world, Charlotte reveals how x million tonnes of water pour into 11 thousand tributaries of the Amazon Basin each year, making it the biggest river system on earth. Charlotte takes us on a journey through the streams, rivers, swamps and lakes of the Amazon in search of the crocodiles, giant river otters, pink dolphins and other wildlife that make this place unique. She finds herself on the ride of her life: rafting down huge rapids and travelling through choppy coloured waters where the Amazon and Rio Negro Rivers meet. Here the waters are 10 miles wide and as dangerous as the sea. As Charlotte wades across streams and swamps there are perils in, as well as on, the water - crocodiles, stingrays, piranhas, and the candiru fish which will find a home in your bladder! Even the snakes have taken to the water - the legendary anaconda that attacks and crushes it's victims from underwater. But the waterways are the main arteries for the animals too, and along the rivers and lakes are some of the best jungle spectacles in the world. The rivers cut steep banks which allow rare access to the clay soil for hundreds of brilliantly coloured parrots and macaws. Charlotte climbs a platform to watch some socialising at close quarters and can barely speak above the noisy birds.