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The field of British comedies has always seemingly been populated by snobs, but few were ever as pronounced as Hyacinth Bucket (which she insists is pronounced "bouquet"). Played by Patricia Routledge, Hyacinth is a character with few, if any, saving graces. Her pompous, self-serving, social-climbing attitude makes life miserable for all around her. Long-suffering husband Richard, played by Clive Swift with quiet resignation, gets the brunt of much of her scolding and chastisement, if he steps out of line. She looks down her nose at her own sisters, Rose and Daisy, especially on the lattter's husband, Onslow, who is Hyacinth's nemesis. Onslow sees through Hyacinth, and is practiced with the insightful observation that punctures her ego every time. We see much of ourselves in these rich comedic characters, and they provide many laughs to help us get through the toughest times.