KCET offers programming for the whole family, and even the youngest members of your family will get a kick out of our fun educational shows.
Upcoming Episodes
    Biz Kid$

    A fun, fast-paced TV series that teaches kids learn about money, featuring character such as the King of Ka-Ching and Francine Fairtrade.

    Peep and the Big Wide World/Pocoyo

    This Emmy-winning sicence and math series follows the adventures of a chicken named Peep as he explores a large urban park.

    Signing Time!

    A multisensory series that introduces children and their caregivers to American Sign Language (ASL), a "hands on" second language used by millions.

    Space Racers

    "Space Racers" is an animated show that focuses on the adventures of five spaceships, each with a unique set of skills that help them explore the solar system and accomplish scientific missions.

    Travel with Kids

    Explore the globe with two kid brothers and their parents on wild adventures through nature and culture and history.

    Wunderkind Little Amadeus

    This animated series entertains and educates children ages 4-8 about music and inspires them to make their own music.

    Zula Patrol

    A group of animated aliens travel the galaxies to learn new and exciting things about science and space exploration.

    Web Extras

    Behind-the-scenes video, show extras, and recaps

    Meet the Space Racers

    Meet the Space Racers

    Meet Jaylene Mendoza, Your American Ambassador to 'Hi-5'

    Meet Jaylene Mendoza, Your American Ambassador to 'Hi-5'

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