A Little Brother for Hoo Doo

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When Hoo Doo orders the Bad Hats to clean up their houses, they become incensed and decide to steal the Hatamaran to escape to the real world. But the Hatamaran gets away from them. Meanwhile, Weenie the Genie becomes ill and is too weak to come out of the magic ring. Nursie, the nurse hat, has a cure for the ailing genie. And with the help of Colonel Poom's (Pith helmet) shrinking potion, he is well again. The pilotless Hatamaran crash-lands near the Good Hats. Mark and Weenie think this is a perfect time to escape, but the Party Hat insists they have a farewell party before they go and, during the party, Hoo Doo appears. They convince him to join them in a toast to Mark and he unknowingly drinks the shrinking potion. But in the end, someone splashes the tiny magician with the shrinking antidote and he returns to full size.