Oh Brother

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When the Good Hats throw a birthday party for Li'l Ben, a pig, Hoo Doo believes the reason the Hat People can afford a party is because they have not paid their taxes to him. So just as the pig blows out his candle, Hoo Doo kidnaps him. This enrages the Good Hats and causes them to revolt. But just as the Good Hats attack, Hoo Doo is summoned to the Imperial Wizard and leaves his minions to fight. Then Hoo Doo's twin brother Bruce, the white sheep of the family, comes visiting, which confuses Hoo Doo's people, who believe he is merely Hoo Doo in a white suit. When the Good Hats demand the return of the pig, Bruce kindly obliges, much to the surprise of the Bad Hats. Then Bruce returns all of Hoo Doo's money to the Good Hats. And when Hoo Doo returns, mayhem ensues.