Siqueiros Mural Discovered

Life & Times follows the curators dedicated to unsheathing an elusive Los Angeles mural by Mexican painter David Alfaro Siqueiros. It is considered his very first mural, hidden behind layers of plaster for more than 70 years. Through careful investigation and the aid of an old photograph of the mural, curators and the director of the Chouinard School of Art rediscover one Siqueiro's most politically provocative murals in Los Angeles.


Nader Khalili


Facing the Music

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Life-Times, Luis Garza, etc.

As the author of a recently published biography of Siqueiros, Siqueiros, Biography of a Revolutionary Artist (Book Surge, 2009) I was very excited to discover and watch the video on Street Meeting and the effort to preserve and restore it by Chouinard. (copies are available through

I think the attempts to acquire this mural and make it available to the public will be a very important step for the recognition of his contributions to modern art, his role in developing new techniques, materials and equipment, his inspiration for young latino artists and his artistic legacy. I wish you success and if I can be of service in assisting this project, you may reach me through email.

Combined with the plans to resurrect Plastic Exercise, his experimental mural in Argentina, next year to coincide with that country's celebration of its bicentennial of independence, the efforts to restore Street Meeting and Tropical America and the installation of Portrait of Present Day Mexico in Santa Barbara demonstrates a new found recognition of Siqueiros's stature.

Thank you,

D. Anthony White, Ph.D.