Production Credits: Angel City Jazz Festival


Executive Producer
Juan Devis

Los Angeles County Arts Commission

Executive Producer
Laura Zucker

Adam Davis

Associate Producer
Heather Rigby-Ramos

Produced and Directed By
Kenneth Shapiro

Backstage Footage By
Matt Bass

Line Producer
Teresa Taylor

Lighting Director
Roger Dalton

Mike Kelly
Christopher Donlon

Associate Director
Rich Preuss

Stage Manager
David Wader

Production Manager

Bettina Bennewitz

Engineering Supervisors
Gordon Be
Robert Kunstmann

Production Coordinator
David Hendrick

Production Assistants
Candice Barnett
Rachel Steinman

Technical Director
Mike Corey

Audio Mixers
Toby Foster
Gilberto "Mago" Morales

Video Control
Rich Rose

Audio Utility
Eddie Mckarge

Technical Supervisors
John Gallagher
Tyler Ries

Joe Coppola
Dave Hilmer
Scott Hylton
David Levisohn
Bryan Mckenzie

Head Utility
Scott Spiegel

Camera Utility
Matt Minkoff
Eric Taylor
Bob Tully

Video Tape Operator

Jonathan Gist

Dorian Harewood

Mini-Documentary Crew
Marcos Contreras
Carlos Oropeza

Print Graphic Designer

Jeremy Cisneros

Television Graphic Artist
Shawn Esposito

Diego Nunez
Michelle Lanz
Jason Balazar
Kevin Andexler

Mobile Production Facilities and
Video Post Production Facilities Provided by KCET

Los Angeles County Board Of Supervisors

Michael D. Antonovich
Don Knabe
Gloria Molina
Mark Ridley-Thomas
Zev Yaroslavsky

The Los Angeles County Arts Commission

Ollie Blanning

Director Of Communications
Linda Chiavaroli

Productions Marketing Manager
Kim Glann

Associate Program Manager
Alma Guzman

Marketing Assistant
Molly Kodros

For The Ford Theatres

Production Manager
Arthur Trowbridge

Lead Stage Supervisor
Tyler Marks

Lead Audio Engineer
Gilberto "Mago" Morales

Monitor Engineer
Mario Rodriguez

Master Electrician
Mark "Fluffy" Anderson

Follow Spot Operators
Tyler Andrews
Jenna Pletcher

Stage Crew
Andre Bernal

Recorded Live At The John Anson Ford Amphitheatre, A Regional Park Of The County Of Los Angeles Operated by The Los Angeles County Arts Commission In Partnership With The Los Angeles County Department Of Parks And Recreation

A KCET Co-Production with the Los Angeles County Arts Commission in association with CDK Productions

©2011 Community Television of Southern California & Los Angeles County Arts Commission

All Rights Reserved