About Haegum Plus

Kang Eun-ilPraised around the world for being a virtuoso of the "Haegum," a Korean instrument passed down from the Goryeo Dynasty (918 - 1392 AD) that resembles a fiddle, Kang Eun-il takes Korean music to new heights. Armed with her bow, she and Haegum Plus expand and continually test the limits of sound. The result is an entirely new genre that has become termed, "new traditional music." Unlike "fusion" or "hybrid" music, "new traditional music" strongly maintains the character of traditional Haegum music -- traditional sound and instrumentation serve as the "text" of the music and are central to the musical piece.

Ms. Kang has performed both in Korea as well as internationally with world-renowned artists and groups, including Bobby McFerrin, Luciano Pavarotti, Yoshida Brothers, Salta Cello, NHK Orchestra, and KBS Korean Traditional Music Orchestra. Representing Korea, she also regularly takes part in '"The World String Festival" in Japan. She has received several prominent recognitions for her work: KBS Korean Traditional Music Grand Prix, Korean National Assembly Culture and Media Grand Prix, 2005 Korean Culture and Art Committee Award, 2006 Ministry Culture and Tourism Artist Award among others for her contributions to the popularization and globalization of the Haegum and opening a whole new genre for this versatile instrument. Kang Eun-il's performance of modern composers' work, combining the Haegum with Western orchestra, classical guitar, piano, violin, viola and cello, has been received with great enthusiasm and featured in the acclaimed filmmaker Kim Ki-Duk's film 'The Bow' (2005).