Regions and Dances from Ruta del Norte: The Northern Route

Nuevo Leon
The music, costumes and choreographies from Somos Norteños are drawn from multiple influences, namely the European polkas, the sound of the accordion and cowboy inspired movements. Grandeza Mexicana presents from the state of Nuevo Leon: La Revolcada, Viva Linares, Café Roma, and El Circo.

Sinaloa is alive with a bravado spirit and rhythms influenced by their geography. The variation between tropical music from the cost and lively Banda reflects the distinct topography of the state; roughed mountains that confront the tranquil Pacific coastline. The style of dance shown in these numbers is the synthesis of two distinct cultures and the reflection of modern day Mexico.

Bold and expressive, the dances of Jalisco embody the spirit of Mexico. Set to Mariachi music, dances such as El Son de La Negara and El Jarabe Tapatio - with roots that trace back to the Mexican Revolution - have become universal symbol of Mexico's bravery and beauty. The dances tell a story of love and courtship through powerful zapateado and elegant skirt work.

Baja California - Calabaceado
With its beautiful beaches, scenic forests, and deserts with record-setting temperatures, Baja California exhibits geography as diverse as its population. Equally extraordinary is its explosive dance known as Calabaceado, created in response to a need for artistic expression. The rhythm and music belong to genre of huapango and is interpreted by a conjunto norteño.

Known as "the land of the scorpions," Durango is also well known for its polkas and shotises. Danced since the 1800's, polkas have been conserved and performed in their original styles to this day. Europeans in Mexico introduced shotis, which was danced at the most elegant halls, and would not allow the everyday people of the town participate in their festivities. This was danced in a way to ridicule the Duranguense's style of music and dance and thus a new style was born. The joyous and rhythmic music of a conjunto norteño is used to express these dances.

Chihuahua, the largest state in Mexico, is well known for its infamous wars and many battles that have shaped the country. With the Mexican Revolution, polkas from this region became well known across the region. The style of polkas famous in this northern region is danced de corridita, in which couples execute the dance by pulling their arms with force without letting go.


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