About the Show
LOMAX: THE HOUND OF MUSIC features a good-natured, melody-obsessed puppet pooch named Lomax, his fluffy feline sidekick Delta, and their human companion, Amy, on a tune-filled train ride crisscrossing the musical landscape of America. With the help - and full participation - of real kids on the train, on location, and the viewers at home, Lomax and his friends doggedly pursue their mutual passion: tracking down the wonderful songs that form the heart of our nation's diverse musical heritage. Along the way, they meet an array of interesting friends and musical celebrities, who introduce them to the infectious melodies of American roots music, such as "John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt," "Ain't No Bugs," "The Gooney Bird Song," "Mary Mack," and more. This interactive series is designed to increase the musical intelligence of children ages 3 - 7. Each episode uses research-based techniques to teach music to young kids, helping them develop an artful sense of melody and rhythm -- that is, to become better able to hold tunes in their heads and repeat them; better able to feel and sustain a beat; and more receptive to the ideas and feelings expressed in music.
Unfortunately, this show or series does not have any scheduled upcoming episodes.
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