Maigret and the Candle Auction

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Maigret only intended to stay a few days in this small inn in the Vendee. He had come to question the innkeeper, a former crook, but caught the flu and had to stay in bed. What’s more, a guest is found murdered. The police immediately cordon off the inn and start a careful reconstitution of the evening of the crime. The suspects are three buyers who had come to attend the sale by auction of a curiously coveted house, and the staff of the inn. Plus a customs officer who works every evening nearby. For two nights and a day, Maigret builds up tension between the suspects, managing to unmask the three buyers who are in league against a fourth richer buyer who was threatening to do them out of the house which is believed to contain a treasure. Crime doesn’t pay, and the “treasure” finally thumbs its nose at the murderers. Directed by Pierre Granier Deferre, 1995, color. In French with English subtitles.