Maigret and the Rich

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As Commissioner Maigret enters the Parendon mansion, he realizes that his investigation must be conducted with the utmost discretion, equaling that of its inhabitants. The wealthy business attorney, Mr. Parendon, has summoned the commissioner after having received an anonymous letter containing threats of a bloody drama to befall his family in the near future. A rather mundane request for Maigret; an uncommitted crime lacking a suspect and a motive. There are no guilty parties as no murder has been committed... And yet, the atmosphere is heavy with tension in this milieu that is more foreign to him than that of the common or even the white-collar criminal. Here, in the vast living rooms, bedrooms and offices dressed in antiques and original works of art, the occupants’ personalities are steeped in complication: The attorney himself, a brilliant businessman but a husband and father of a rather fragile nature... His wife, Gassin de Baulieu, accustomed to decades of authority and security... Gus and Bambi, their children, struggling under the weight of wealth and etiquette.... The secretary, a certain Miss Vague, whose name is quite aptly chosen!... The attorney’s associates, with hidden ambitions.... and the numerous servants, well trained in the art of silence.... Who is it that puts pen to paper each day to churn out these morbid anonymous letters, threatening the worst with great precision? Who will be the victim? And above all, who will commit the unspeakable foreshadowed assassination in the presence of Commissioner Maigret, who is riddled with guilt by his own inability to prevent the crime. Provoked by the actual murder, Maigret steps up his investigation, bringing this prestigious family down to a normal human level. Pulling out all the stops, the Commissioner finds his marks and arrives at the conclusion that he first suspected but refused to admit, even to himself!! Directed by Denys Granier-Deferre, 2000, color. In French with English subtitles.