Maigret Has Scruples

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Maigret saw a lot of people today. First, Xavier Marton, a shy and unimpressive man who accused his wife of wanting to poison him. Then his wife, Gisele Marton, who had followed him to Maigret's offices. According to her, Mr. Marton is neurotic.

After a brief investigation, Maigret learns that Xavier Marton is in love with his sister-in-law, sweet, loving Jenny. He also learns that Mrs. Marton is having an affiar with her associate.
During a second meeting at headquarters, Xavier Marton describes is wife as an ambitious woman who thinks her husband is a good-for nothing. He announces that he will kill her if he ever starts to feel the effects of being poisoned again.

The next night, Xavier Marton is murdered. Poisoned......... Directed by Pierre Joassin, 2004, color.