Maigret In Finland

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Several seconds after the shots were fired, Elisa Porola found Jean Duclos hovering over her agonizing husband, the gun still in his hand. But why would Professor Jean Duclos, criminologist and lecturer of international renown, kill Konrad Parola? The professor didn't even know Parola, although Parola was off to live a new life with Leena, a young woman that Duclos had as a student in Paris several years earlier. Why would Jean Duclos be the suspect? It was Konrad who was known as a playboy on this small island in Finland, Konrad who had plenty of enemies.... Ari, the policeman with whom Maigret had worked on the "Ghost Affair" asks the commissioner for his help. Maigret discovers that Konrad Parola needed money in order to leave with Leena, and that a certain Norppa, with whom Parola was smuggling vodka, owed him a huge sum. Violent and obsessively jealous of all men who approached his step-daughter Leena, the hotel owner Liikanen had every reason to eliminate Konrad. Young Cornelius, who gets trapped in his own lies, is too in love with Leena not to be a suspect as well. As for Elisa Porola and her sister Anita who formed a menage-à-trois with Konrad, are they really as calm and unbothered by the affair as they seem? Directed by Pekka Parikka, 1996, color. In French with English subtitles.