Maigret Sees Double

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When Commissioner Maigret receives a call from Olmetta asking him to certify the death of a certain Maurice Tremblet, one question immediately springs to mind: " Why kill a man like that? Ordinary guys aren’t murdered... " The victim, an ordinary accountant, had a life filled with very ordinary things: his apartment, his kids, his wife and his canary, who was said to be his only friend. Who, then, would fire a shotgun from the hotel on the opposite side of the street to kill this simple man? Conducting his investigation with the help of his nephew Paul, Maigret soon realizes that Maurice Tremblet’s life was not as simple as it appeared. Over several hours, Maigret traces Tremblet’s steps all the way to the assassin who still has the smoking gun in his hand: an air gun, used more often at faire grounds than to kill a simple man who has strayed off the beaten path... on a day almost as ordinary as all the others..Directed by Francois Luciani, 2000, color. In French with English subtitles.