No Vacation for Maigret

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Maigret and his wife travel to Belgium to visit Mrs. Maigret's family. Their few days of vacation are suddenly cut short by a case of appendicitis suffered by poor Mrs. Maigret. Returning from a visit to the hospital, Maigret discovers a mysterious note in his pocket which draws attention to the woman in the sickbed next to his wife. Liliane Godreau dies quickly thereafter. It appears that she was the sister in law of the surgeon who operated on Mrs. Maigret. When visiting the surgeon at his home, Maigret is intrigued by a little girl who runs from the house, a letter in her hand. She is visibly terrorized at the sight of the surgeon... The next day, the little girl is found strangled on the edge of a nearby pond! Maigret secretly begins his investigation... Directed by Pierre Joassin, 1995, color. Run Time: 1:34:22.