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In Martin Yan's Hidden China, the famed international chef and television host journeys deep into beautiful and mystical Yunnan and nearby regions. Traveling by car and bus, on bicycles and, at times, the back of a trusty yak, Martin retraces part of the ancient Silk Road journey. He follows its twists and turns, making his way to small historical enclaves and cultural outposts. Along the way, he meets scores of local people - minority tribe members who are generous with their stories, as well as their recipes. The insightful cultural and culinary vignettes in the 13 episodes of Martin Yan's Hidden China are the result of Martin's vision, persistence and unique connections within China. Public television viewers will now be able to see a rarely seen side of China - the Song Zanlin Temple, the spectacular Tibetan monastery in Shangri-la; rugged horse trails, where for centuries the precious cargo on horseback has been tea; the Li River where fisherman use cormorants, and much more. Join Martin on the shores of picturesque Lugu Lake, where he encounters the exotic Musuo society and their unique matriarchal communal structure. In Lijiang, he walks the streets of a town that time seems to have forgotten. In Yangshuo, he visits an old Dutch friend and experiences first-hand the life of a Westerner in a rural Chinese setting. In Shangri-la, he discovers peace of mind and spiritual awakening, inspired both by a Tibetan monastery and the surrounding, majestic, snow-capped mountains. Always eager to participate in the daily routines of his hosts, Martin keeps his hands busy by harvesting Pu-erh tea leaves at a tea plantation. In Kunming, he joins in a hunting expedition in stalking down...mushrooms! And everywhere he goes, Martin delights his hosts by rolling up his sleeves and helping to create and savor favorite local dishes.
Unfortunately, this show or series does not have any scheduled upcoming episodes.
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