Gas And Oil - Part 1

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Season 5, Episode 1:

A team of conspirators have been deliberately de-stabilizing Britain - can the team preserve the status quo?

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This is one of your top programs, I hope it keeps going
on to new episodes. was July 3rd's episode the last one?
please advise


Hi, Bluemax - July 3rd was definitely not the last episode of MI-5. The MI-5 schedule page will keep you up to date with the show -


LOVE MI-5! I 'm hooked and try to watch it on Sat nite too! This is why I don't watch alot of tv shows - I don't want to get hooked - but I am! The writing is terrific and the production is great, not to mention the terriic and handsome actors! Thanks for buying it to show on American tv!


So glad to hear MI5 will continue. Why is Law and Order UK and MI% so much better than American tv?..Tonight 7/29 was end of season cliff hanger. Can't wait to see who is left in a cast that knocks off it's own stars!