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Season 2, Episode 10: Season Finale

Tom received a tip-off from Christine Dale. She'd accidentally got hold of information that a known American assassin had been sent to Britain by the Iraqis. Apparently the CIA were determined not to let MI5 know, but she felt if there was a risk of the assassination of a major British figure then Tom ought to know. But he mustn't tell anyone else. He secretly talked Zoe and Danny into helping him. Zoe was immediately uncomfortable with keeping secrets from Harry. Zoe and Danny began to suspect that Tom had gone bad.Tom managed to win a last bit of trust out of Zoe and Danny and they followed a trail of evidence to a deserted farm in Suffolk.There they were ambushed and chained up. Danny and Zoe were drugged, and when they woke Tom was gone.The rushed back to the office and told Harry everything. Meanwhile, Tom was tricked into putting his fingerprints on a gun. By the time Tom had come to and rushed to the nearest house to phone the office, warning them there was a planned assassination and his fingerprints would be on the gun, it was too late. The assassination had already taken place, and the team were convinced Tom was to blame. He was desperate to prove he'd been set-up and persuaded Harry,Tom and Zoe to come and meet him. The set-up had been too good. There was no way he could persuade any of the team of his innocence.Tom was cornered and as Harry threatened to call in back-up,Tom took the only way out. He shot Harry and ran.When he reached the beach he just kept going, and swam out to sea and an uncertain future.