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Season 3, Episode 1: Project Friendly Fire

Tom Quinn has been accused of assassinating the Chief of the Defence Staff, is guilty of shooting his superior Harry Pearce and has disappeared. When Oliver Mace, chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee, hears of this he seizes his opportunity to take control of Britain's homeland intelligence service. With the Prime Minister's backing he launches an investigation into MI5, the aim being to uncover the rot at its core and take over. Danny, Zoe and the rest of the team, under intense watch, manage to skip surveillance and meet to discuss what to do. They must inform Harry, who is appalled to learn of this "conspiracy in the darker corners of Government" and their crass intention to "modernise the intelligence services". When Harry's contacted by Tom Quinn he tells him that MI5's only hope of survival is to prove that Tom was innocent. A few hours later the body of a dead man - the man who Tom claimed set him up - turns up on the steps of Thames House. Is this proof enough that Tom was innocent? Mace doesn't think so. So the battle for control continues. Can Tom and the team prove he's innocent and save the service?

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