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Season 3, Episode 5: Love and Death

Zoe and Danny are tasked to "play scarecrow" -- follow rogue scientist Dr Newland onto a North Sea ferry headed for Norway and warn him off meeting a contact who they believe will fund Newland's research into pneumonic plague. MI5 has learnt that Newland is perfecting a process which will enable him to mass produce and deliver the plague to a large population, and that he is on a verge of striking a deal with the North Koreans. This means biochemical warfare. Tensions are rising between Zoe and Danny, thanks to Will, but they are fully across the task in hand. It's not until they are halfway across the North Sea that MI5 gets wind of a fact that changes everything. Newland isn't planning to do a deal to fund his research, the deal has already been done -- he's planning to sell the stuff. This changes things radically and Danny and Zoe find themselves being instructed to assassinate this man. With Zoe sick, the task is left to Danny... but even coached by Adam, can he do it?

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