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Season 10, Episode 4

When the parole of Zubier Al-Saad (Jeffery Kissoon), an Islamic extremist leader is turned down, he appoints two recently released inmates to commit a revenge suicide mission. One of those released, Ashur Mohali (Asif Khan), is an asset from the prison who passed on information to Section D. He agrees to help Erin stop the upcoming attack on the condition that his daughter be given British citizenship. However, his handlers decide to kidnap her to ensure the attack succeeds; Ashur is now committed to the cause for his daughter's safety. Section D later learns that the attack will take place on Trafalgar Square. When Erin confronts him, she learns the handlers also has her daughter, Rosie. If the attack fails, she will die; Dimitri is able to kill the handler as Ashur is killed by CO19. Meanwhile, Harry must find incontrovertible proof against Coaver. He and Ruth use Elena and Sasha as bait to get to Coaver, but find the mysterious woman instead. Later, Ruth tells Harry about the offer from Towers; he encourages her to leave Section D, as he does not want her involved in what he is about to do. When Ruth finds the proof, Harry warns Coaver he is coming after him.