The Sting

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Season 4, Episode 9:

The world is on the brink of war with Iran and, despite the Government's reluctance to go to war again in this climate of playing lap-dog to America, the UK may be forced to do so. Harry is determined to remind everyone that MI5 is not a CIA outstation, so when the team catches the CIA illegally extraditing another British/Iranian citizen (Khurvin) based on a flimsy terrorism charge, Harry makes a stand and forces the CIA to release him. Khurvin subsequently murders his MI5 surveillance team and Harry is suspended. Juliet takes control of the Grid and tasks the team to recapture Khurvin before he commits an act of terror and forces the country into war with Iran. As the team follows up clues, Harry, unable to face life outside the service, starts his own investigation into the case. Secretly liaising with Adam, both investigations lead them to Pollard, an American mercenary working on behalf of big businesses in the USA, businesses who will profit from another war. The team captures Khurvin and Pollard. Harry is reinstated.

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