'Mi-5,' Episode Forty Recap: 'World Trade'

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Previously on Mi-5

Zaf (Raza Jaffrey) goes undercover to stop an Al Qaeda cell from exploding a thermobaric bomb in London.

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This Week's Episode: "World Trade"

Written by: David Farr
Directed by: Kenneth Glenaan

Delegates from all over the world are set to meet at the Havensworth Hotel in Berkshire for the Addressing Africa Summit to sign the Havensworth Agreement, which would end subsidies of European and American agriculture and liberate economics throughout Africa. What the delegates don't know, however, is that British Foreign Secretary James Allan (Alex Jennings) has given Mi-5 full permission to bug and monitor the hotel over the three-day event, based off an intercepted phone call from U.S. Trade Secretary Traynor Styles (Colin Stinton) to the French indicating that the United States has no intention of signing the Agreement. Using Gabriel Sekoa (George Harris), the president of African country West Monrossa, as their mouthpiece, Mi-5 does a full media blitz and gets the Summit front page headlines, just to hedge their bets.

As Malcolm (Hugh Simon) and Jo (Miranda Raison) stay at headquarters to monitor the CCTVs and the mapped movements of the delegates (thanks to triangulated cell phones indicated with the delegates' country flags), Ros (Hermione Norris), Zaf, and Adam (Rupert Penry-Jones) stay on site undercover posing respectively, as a hotel manager, an agency worker (the U.K.'s version of a temp), and...an Mi-5 agent with a different name.

For the mission to be a success, they must somehow convince Styles, a "White House insider with heavy connections to corporate America" and CIA protection, to go along with the Agreement. However, his suite is on lockdown and, whenever another delegate comes into his suite, he turns the sports TV channel up loud so as to stop any listening devices from picking anything up. When the Japanese Minister of Finance arrives in the suite, headquarters shuts down the power on that floor to push the conversation outside the hotel. Finally able to listen in, Mi-5 overhears a deal in progress. Styles is willing to "reduce our price to $200 million [which is] one-third the market value." The condition? Japan doesn't sign the Agreement, taking the pressure off the U.S. The Minister agrees. But what is Styles selling?

After a cursory bit of research, Mi-5 learns that not only does Styles love sports, but he is on the board of governors of the Kansas City Flamers, an American ice hockey team. Intending to flirt her way in, Ros enters the suite with a present--a DVD of the 1985 Stanley Cup finals, in which the Flamers took home their most recent championship. Loading the DVD onto his laptop, Mi-5 is able to upload spy software with which to download his hard drive. Easily figuring out his password (the name of an MVP from the Flamers' 1985 season), they come across evidence of Global Cordon, "a shopping list of American arms [and] a high-tech military stockpile." The United States insists this list does not exist, but here it is in all of its horror. Japan must be acting as intermediaries, selling it to Taiwan for use against the Chinese. If China gets wind of this, it would be an international scandal. Or worse, millions will die. Treading carefully, Mi-5 gets in contact with the Prime Minister, who in turn calls the White House threatening to expose Global Cordon if Styles does not sign the Agreement.

Mission accomplished. Or so it would seem...

From headquarters, Jo sounds a Red Call to gather all of the Mi-5 agents at the hotel. Mi-6 has been conducting routine surveillance of all domestic politicians in countries attending the Summit, and they've come across a conversation coming from the home of Solomon Kabate, a leading opposition politician in West Monrossa. The call: "We should prepare for an immediate seizure of power. If the Havensworth Operation is successful, with Sekoa dead there will be no way to stop us." Somebody plans to assassinate Sekoa during the Summit, and such a public act of violence would terrify any African country from playing ball with the Westerners for quite some time.

Harry (Peter Firth) goes straight to Foreign Secretary Allan and requests that he cancel the upcoming press conference, but much to Harry's surprise, Allan refuses. Britain needs the press, especially now that the PM is on his way out, and no rumor is going to stop that. Meanwhile, Ruth (Nicola Walker) looks for a connection between Styles and the assassination plot. Going through his computer files, she finds nothing on Taiwan but does come across a file on...West Monrossa. Not only that, but Kabate was in London only last week, entering a wine bar in Victoria but never seen coming out the front entrance. Calling the wine bar, she learns that the only way to go out the back entrance would be is if an agency worker helped them do so. Perhaps that agency worker was also assigned to work the Havensworth Hotel.

Mi-5 calls to have the agency staff changed out, which would ship the workers (along with Zaf) away from the hotel via bus. Monitoring the triangulated cell phones, Malcolm notices two within too close a proximity to each other to be two separate people. Somebody must have planted their cell phone onto somebody else. Calling Zaf, he confirms that an agency waitress he met earlier, one Michelle Lopez (Nikki Amuka-Bird), is not with him and must still be at the hotel.

With the press conference starting and Sekoa taking the spotlight, Adam orders that no waiter or bar staff can enter the media center. Lo and behold, Adam spots Michelle on the floor of the media center having switched out clothing. So as to avoid causing a commotion, Ros distracts the room by knocking over a tray, allowing Adam to grab the gun from Michelle's hand and spirit her out of the room.

Under interrogation, Adam and Ros learn that Michelle's real name is Baptiste Kadala, and that this assassination plot has been 12 years in the making. In 1994, Baptiste's father, a renowned journalist, was about to publish a story that implicated Sekoa was embezzling money from his citizens, but before the story could be published, Baptiste's father and mother died in a plane crash under mysterious circumstances (i.e. that plane was shot down). But that's not why she's doing this. Sekoa's army has started to forcibly remove people from her countries villages and have put them in shantytowns in Beauville, giving them no food or sanitation. She believes that he has gathered them all in order to commit genocide. When he signs the Agreement, he'll become a hero, gain international respect, and be able to do what he wants. Meeting with Kabate in Victoria, she had set up the final steps of the plot, then let him out of the back of the building.

To confirm the story, Malcolm hacks into Styles' private messenger service, where he learns that Styles is prepared to deliver planes and a biological agent within two weeks. This is the Global Cordon connection, after which Sekoa will use air power to attack his own people without having to take responsibility. Since the Americans won't touch this story, lest that it would implicate the existence of Global Cordon, and Sekoa is leaving tomorrow, what is Mi-5 to do?

Against Harry's wishes, Adam goes directly to Sekoa and mentions Global Cordon, but all that does is earn him a formal complaint. With Foreign Secretary Allan furious at Mi-5, he tells them to stay clear from Sekoa. They tell him of the genocide plot, which he scoffs at. "I have a deal and you're not stopping it," he yells. "You think this summit is actually going to change Africa? Dream on. That continent is nothing but an economic albatross round our necks, a continent of genocidal maniacs living in the Dark Ages." He then orders Mi-5 to cease the operation.

The next day during the closing ceremony, another African president, Manu Buffong of Guadec (Lucian Msamati), pulls Adam aside and tells him he has been in contact with Kabate. Sekoa is nothing but trouble and has to be stopped. Admitting to knowing about the assassination plot, he hands Adam a dossier and returns to the ceremony. Adam brings it back to his fellow agents and they crack it open, learning the details of the West Monrossan military campaign against Beauville. And it's happening next week. With Jo calling in with Mi-5 info (problematically hidden) proving that that 1994 plane was indeed shot down via missile, and with Sekoa's helicopter leaving in an hour, the Mi-5 make perhaps the toughest decision of their life--release Baptiste back into the hotel and allow the assassination to go through. If Mi-5 isn't directly involved, and they're stopping a mass murder, what is there to lose other than stopping a genocidal maniac?

"The next hour never happened," Harry intones.

As the delegates make their exit, shaking hands down the party line, Baptiste enters the media center, holding her gun behind a flower bouquet. Sekoa steps in front of her and shakes her hand. "For my people," she says, pulls out the gun, and shoots him down. Adam jumps in, kicks away her gun, and forces her to the ground as security forces raise their guns. Yelling to them that she is unarmed, he wants only to protect her. But in the corner, Allan barks into a phone that she is armed, and she is taken down with two rifle shots. Watching her bleed to death on the ground, Adam cradles Baptiste in his arms, and he cannot help but flash back to his wife Fiona's death only months earlier. Losing it, he screams at the security forces, but it is too late.

Back at headquarters, Allan tells them he had to make the call to kill her otherwise she would have held the British government for ransom for the next 30 years. But more pressingly, he reprimands Mi-5 for going along with Baptiste's plot and declares there will be a full investigation. But Harry, as usual, has an ace up his sleeve, pulls out a recording device, and replays Allan's earlier monologue about how he really feels about Africa. Upset that he was tricked, Allan leaves with his tail tucked between his legs.

The operation is over, but Adam isn't over it. Walking along a bridge, weeping, he continues to flash back to Fiona's death, then calls up his son, tells him he loves him, and hangs up.

Hey! I Know That Actor!

George Harris, who played West Monrossa president Gabriel Sekoa, has appeared on "55 Degrees North," "Casualty," and "Starhunter," but international audiences know him best as Katanga in "Raiders of the Lost Ark" and as Kingsley Shacklebolt, member of the Order of the Phoenix, in the "Harry Potter" series.

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