'Mi-5,' Episode Ten Recap: 'Blood and Money'

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Previously on Mi-5

When their computers get hacked, Mi-5 loses contact with two of their Pakistani-based field agents. As they focus their suspicions on the Socialist Freedom Movement, the true culprit is closer to home and much, much younger than they anticipated.

This Week's Episode: "Blood and Money"

Written by: Howard Brenton
Directed by: Rob Bailey

Mi-5 takes a meeting with head of the Bank of England John Barry (Robert Hardy), Bowman & Co. Bank founder Richard "Dickie" Bowman (Oliver Ford Davis), and Chancellor of the Exchequer's Office representative Amanda Roke (Sophie Okonedo). One billion dollars have gone missing from Bowman & Co., and Mi-5 has been tasked with tracking down the last man to manage it, a stock trader named John Lightwood who has suddenly gone missing. That day, Tom (Matthew Macfadyen) meets up with CIA liaison Christine Dale (Megan Dodds) and gets word that $20 billion of United States government aid intended for Russia has also turned up missing. Keep an eye out, she asks, and the relationship between the U.S. and Britain could improve immeasurably.

Mi-5 sends two of their operatives undercover at Bowman & Co. without the company's knowledge: Danny (David Oyelowo) will pose as trader Joshua Ikoli, tasked with working on Lightwood's leftover leads, and Zoe (Keeley Hawes) will work as a custodian, giving her access to the bank's shredded documents. On his first day, Danny makes a quick killing in the stock trade, earning the respect of fellow traders Maxi Baxter (Julie Cox) and Tim Pratchett (Peter McDonald). During a drunken night out, Pratchett tells Danny that Lightwood was laundering money through Bowman & Co., sending it over to Lugano, Switzerland. When they learn that Bowman & Co. have set aside a suite of rooms at the local Royal Paramount Hotel for the Lugano bank to "entertain clients discreetly," Mi-5 goes to work and sets up surveillance there.

Lightwood's body turns up in Hamstead Heath, tortured and crucified. Who did this, and does the culprit have the $1 billion in missing cash. We the viewers get our answer when Bowman meets with Viktor Schvikoy (Rade Serbedzhija), a member of the Russian mafia. Schvitkoy had hired Bowman in secret to steal and launder the $20 billion coming into Russia piece-by-piece, but Lightwood, without Bowman's knowledge, spirited away with the first billion before he was caught and tortured to death. This time, Schvitkoy warns Bowman, he needs the transfer of the remaining $19 billion before the CIA can track it down, and it needs to happen within the next 48 hours. Bowman makes a call to Roke about laundering the rest of the money, and it seems she is in on the scheme. "This time," she says, "we're going to make it work."

Roke makes an appearance at Mi-5, irate that they would set up moles at Bowman & Co. But who told her? After a quick monitoring of computer activity, Tom has his mole: Intelligence analyst Ruth (Nicola Walker). He's known all along that GCHQ set her up at Mi-5 to do a bit of spying for the British government, so he tells her that he respects her work and keeps her on, albeit under probation. Ruth earns Tom's trust back when she discovers that stock trader Maxi Baxter is an alias. Tom makes a wild but accurate guess: Since there is no record of her before 1990, around when the Soviet Union collapsed, she may be the daughter of a powerful man, "ex-KGB-turned-businessman."

Mi-5 makes a completely accidental break in the case when they look over the footage from the Royal Paramount Hotel and see none other than Zoe appear on their screens, jumping into bed with the Italian banker (Enzo Cilenti) she had met weeks earlier at her local pub. Tom brings her in and debriefs her on her new beau: His name is Carlo Franceshini, he works for the Swiss bank they're looking into, and he is actually married to the daughter of the Italian finance minister. As Zoe begins to cry, Tom asks her to do her duty and help Mi-5 nail this bank. Zoe meets with Franceshini at the pub, breaks up with him, and steps aside, allowing Tom to come in and blackmail Franceshini with the photos of him with Zoe. He fesses up: The account with the missing $1 billion is under Viktor Schvitkoy's name.

Mi-5 meets up again with the bank men and Roke, demanding to know why they're working with the Russian mafia. The British government has been aware of Schvitkoy's scheme and is playing along, ever since Bowman took his first meeting with him then subsequently contacted Mi-6. The British government intended to steal this money from the Russian mafia, but when Lightwood ran off with the first billion, all hell broke loose. During the meeting, Bowman takes another call from Schvitkoy, only to suffer from a debilitating stroke. Before he can pass out, he tells Mi-5 the number and password for the account holding the $19 billion.

At Bowman & Co., Danny sets up a trap for Baxter, hoping that she will lead Mi-5 to Schvitkoy's location. Danny pretends to push around a few numbers, then boasts to Baxter that he has done something potentially huge. She takes the bait, calling Schvitkoy with the worries that they have another Lightwood situation on their hands. Danny brings Baxter back to his place (which Mi-5 has bugged) to get closer to her, still boasting about his monetary conquests. When she finds an errant gym card, complete with Danny's real name, she pretends that she needs to go home and retrieve her inhaler. Danny tags along to "her place," only to get captured and interrogated by Schvitkoy. Luckily, Danny has a tracking device on him, and Mi-5 swoops in, tosses a flashbang grenade into the hideout, and Danny is saved. (Albeit a little hard-of-hearing.)

Tom meets with Christine again. It seems that the $20 billion is still missing from the United States. It'll be replaced, she informs him, but she's certainly suspicious of how the British treasury just happened to find a large sum of money to inject into their own healthcare system.

Hey! I Know That Actor!

Rade Serbedzija (Viktor Schvitkoy) is a Croatian actor who has appeared in such works as "The Quiet American," "Snatch," "Mission: Impossible II," "Eyes Wide Shut," and the sixth season of "24."

Sophie Okonedo (Amanda Roke) starred in the films "Dirty Pretty Things," "Aeon Flux," and "The Secret Life of Bees." In 2005, she was nominated for the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her role as Tatiana Rusesabagina in "Hotel Rwanda."

As for the bankers, Robert Hardy (John Barry) played Cornelius Fudge in the "Harry Potter" films and has made a career of playing Winston Churchill on many British television programs, while Oliver Ford Davies (Richard "Dicky" Bowman) is probably best known to the world as Sio Bibble in the "Star Wars" prequels.

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