'Mi-5,' Episode Thirty-Eight Recap: 'Gas and Oil (Part 2)'

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Previously on Mi-5

Mi-5 gathers evidence that recent terrorist attacks may in fact be emanating from sister government agency Mi-6. At the episode's conclusion, Harry (Peter Firth), Adam (Rupert Penry-Jones), and Juliet (Anna Chancellor) were all nearly killed by car bombs, Jo (Miranda Raison) has been assigned to protect the Prime Minister's son Rowan (Simon Woods), and the villains have gained control of the South East Air Traffic Control Center where they plan to have two planes collide over London. For more, read the full episode recap here.

This Week's Episode: "Gas and Oil (Part 2)"

Written by: Ben Richards
Directed by: Omar Madha

Having just missed being incinerated by the car bombing meant for her, Juliet has nevertheless been irreparably harmed, and when she comes to, she tearfully realizes she can no longer feel her legs. With Harry and Adam busy sending her off to the hospital, it's up to Zaf (Raza Jaffrey) to infiltrate the South East Air Traffic Control Center and stop Mi-6 lackey Jensen (Steve Nicholson) and his goon from smashing two planes into each other over London. Stealing an access card to gain entrance, Zaf is immediately spotted by Jensen, who calls security on him and accuses him of being an undercover Islamic terrorist. Jensen knocks Zaf out, puts him in a closet, and tells the security team to leave while he takes care of this dangerous threat. But when he awakens, Zaf uses his hand-to-hand combat skills and dropkicks Jensen like a boss. Hearing the commotion, the security team returns and realizes that Jensen and his goon are the terrorists and that their air traffic center has been compromised. With mere seconds left before collision, they contact another tower, who in turn just barely manage to put the planes back on course.

Back at headquarters, Malcolm (Hugh Simon) is furious that Jensen, who only the day before murdered his best friend and partner-in-spy-gadgets Colin, has been set free due to having friends in power. And what powerful friends they are, as media mogul Paul Millington (Roger Allam), Cabinet Secretary Alan Taylor (John Elmes), Mi-6 supervisor Michael Collingwood (Nicholas Jones), and former British ambassador to Russia Sir Jocelyn Myers (John Castle) meet secretly at Whitehall, now that their plan to incite terror has been delayed, a plan that would force the Prime Minister to accept their nefarious bargain. Millington wants to know what's next, especially since he had already mocked up a newspaper front page addressing the plane crash. Agreeing to instead exploit the car bombing story, the rest of the conspirators put their faith in Taylor, who is assigned to convince the PM to sign their executive order, one which would give them special measures to deprive British citizens of "every existing legal protection," including the ability to detain them without a warrant. The PM would, in turn, receive protection for his family, keep him in power (figuratively speaking), and stop the attacks. But, of course, Jocelyn would be the one truly in power, and Britain would thereby be controlled by corporate interests.

Speaking of the PM's family, Jo has been forced to deal with the very emotional Rowan, who is upset that the person who he thought was a friend and flatmate turned out to be an undercover spy. Spiriting away from their hideout, alone, with their car, Rowan disappears, and if Jo can't find him, Harry assures her she'll be fired. Fortunately, after hotwiring a car, Jo finds Rowan and the car abandoned on the side of a forest road, having run out of gas. They have a heart-to-heart, and Rowan finally agrees to follow her orders.

Meanwhile, Adam meets with Rosalind "Ros" Myers (Hermione Norris), an Mi-6 associate and daughter of conspirator Jocelyn, and thanks her for sending the text that saved his life, as well as Harry's and Juliet's. Asking why the change of heart, why she helped out Mi-5, she explains that she doesn't want things to spiral out of control. But she'll need some convincing to truly turn her against her father, whom she worships.

With Harry unable to get a face-to-face meeting with the PM, he must discuss matters with the Home Secretary (Roger Glenister), who in turn has informed him of the minute details of the conspiracy he's figured out. Telling Ruth (Nicola Walker) to communicate Vasily Ivanovich, a Russian contact who owes him a favor, Harry seems to be on track to stop the conspiracy. But when the internet gets wind of the impending executive order and calls for a city-wide protest, Harry is suddenly and violently detained at gunpoint. Brought to a secret detention facility, Harry comes face-to-face with Collingwood, and he realizes that this facility is likely his final resting place. There is no way out of this mess. As the other detainees are brought in, Harry spots Ruby MacKenzie (Shaheen Kahn), a representative for British civil liberties. A dictatorship is about to be put in place.

With Malcolm's ingenuity, the remaining members of Mi-5 obtain a recorded phone conversation in which a journalist at the Chronicle mentions the existence of proof that Millington knew about the plan crash ahead of time. He has put this information on a disc and hid it in a gym locker. However, Adam quickly surmises that if they've managed to intercept this call, the conspirators could have as well. Racing to the gym, Adam finds two of the conspirator's goons already there. However, when both reach the locker (and exchange some blows in the process), the locker is empty. Where's the disc?

Back at Whitehall, the conspirators discuss the next stage of their attack. Using their security services power as well as the power of the media, they will exploit the protest by reporting that there is a suicide bomber amongst the crowd. In turn, the riot police will be forced to fire into the crowd of protestors to save further casualties. The protestors will be discredited, the government will be forced to increase security measures, and the conspiracy will achieve its goal.

Knowing that they will be unable to appeal to Millington and Jocelyn's sense of patriotism, Mi-5 decides that their best course of action to stop the conspiracy, and to find Harry's whereabouts, is to shame the men in power. First step: stage the beating and capture of a lone protestor and film it, thus inciting the public's wrath and exponentially increasing the size of the protest. Second step: have Jo bring Rowan to the protest, because what would get more news coverage than the PM's son marching against his own father.

But the third step is the biggest one: find Ros and bring her back to Mi-5. There, they show her all the details they have on the conspiracy, and using Ruth's new info from Harry's Russian contact, inform her that her father's plan has been partially financed by the Russian mafia. In fact, they even have pictures of her father meeting with Misha Yelenkovic, a "KGB hardman" and enemy of the world. Jocelyn is a traitor, "prepared to murder British civilians." A shocked Ros has had enough.

As the march progresses, riot police start breaking the protest up into factions in order to control them. But, really, the police are being tricked into trapping one specific group into a town square with zero outside visibility, in which they will throw smokebombs and lead to the "suicide bomber" plan. At headquarters, all Ruth and Malcolm can do is repeatedly call the police commissioner and insist that there is no suicide bombing plot and that the police should stand down. Alas, the commissioner has his orders.

As the protest escalates and the clock counts down, Ros returns to her father (who is still with the other conspirators) and tells her what she knows about his ties to the Russian mafia. He lies and says he was merely a third party, holding onto money meant for a Ukrainian politician, and has never met Yelenkovic. But Ros knows the truth and calls him out on his lying. The father she knew and loved has revealed his true colors.

With minutes left before the country could collapse, Adam runs into the room and demands that Jocelyn give the order to not fire on the protestors. Asked why they should listen to him, Ros steps forward, inserts a disc into a computer, and hits enter. The monitor turns on, and it's Millington's mock-up of the plane crash that never happened, a headline story called "Plane Horror Over London." She had gotten to the locker before even Adam could. "It's over, dad," Ros proclaims, and Jocelyn is forced to call the commissioner and stop the riot police from firing on the protestors.

But...just as the order comes in, one riot policeman, confused in the chaos and the smoke and the order to open fire, pops off two shots. An innocent protestor has been murdered, and the blood is on Jocelyn's hands.

At the detention facility, Collingwood gets wind that the conspiracy has failed, and so he proceeds to do what any maniacal villain would do--grab a canister of gasoline and pour it all over the facility. If he must flee the country, he must do away with any evidence and any person who could stand in his way. As he tosses the petrol onto Harry and Ruby, Zaf and Adam arrive at the center. While Zaf takes a baseball bat to Jensen's knees (payback for their scuffle at the air traffic control center), Adam races in and tries to convince Collingwood to stop what he's doing. But Collingwood is trapped. "At least I shall never be accused of cowardice," he says, and tosses an active lighter into the air. But just as it's about to hit the ground and send the whole place up in flames, Zaf pulls the fire alarm and sets off the sprinklers. No fiery inferno today.

With the chaos dying down, Collingwood has now been placed in the same cage that once held Harry. Asking Harry to leave the facility and give him some dignity, Harry complies. Collingwood unleashes his belt, throws it on the bars overhead, and hangs himself.

Harry returns to Juliet in the hospital, who tells him that while Millington will not be charged (he will prove useful to them now that they have him "over a barrel"), Jocelyn must stand trial for his actions. Due to the killing of the unarmed protestor, the PM has agreed to delay a vote on the special measures and reassess the terrorist situation, and all eyes will be on Jocelyn.

But what of Ros, Jocelyn's daughter? Knowing that she was indispensable in putting away the conspirators, Adam surprises her by offering her a job at Mi-5.

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