'Mi-5,' Episode Thirty Recap: 'Road Trip'

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Previously on Mi-5

In order to stop the rise of a racist right-wing political party, Adam (Rupert Penry-Jones) and Fiona (Olga Sosnovska) go undercover to tear the organization apart from the inside. For more, read the full episode recap here.

This Week's Episode: "Road Trip"

Written by: Howard Brenton
Directed by: Alrick Riley

National Security Coordinator Juliet Shaw (Anna Chancellor) has come to Mi-5 with a problem: One of her Mi-6 men, stationed at an embassy in Istanbul, witnessed the murder of his information. The Mi-6 man, Phillip Norton (Charles Daish), reports that he was tracking an illegal immigration route--final destination: England--through Turkey when he witnessed the murder. And the murderer? A man named Yazdi (Khalid Abdalla), an Iranian doctor who joined the Taliban, only to fall out with bin Laden and start his own terrorist cell called Al Kahf. If this dangerous man is on his way to the U.K., they have to stop him.

Norton believes, through his Middle Eastern contacts, that the illegal immigration network was run as a sideline operation by Sheik Abd Al Gawaad Ahmed Bin Wali Al Hakim (Silas Carson), the son of the leader of Bahar and a prince in his own right. So why not target him for information, especially since he has a reserved suite at the Regal Hotel in London? After a quick setup at the Prince's hotel suite, they blackmail him with photos and video they took of him dallying with a prostitute. Under interrogation, the Prince swears that, while he may run an illegal immigration ring, he had no idea that Yazdi or Al Kahf were using the route. He cooperates fully, giving them the schedule for the next Istanbul stop. Just to be safe, though, Mi-5 keeps the Prince under house arrest at hotel suite until the operation is completed.

So as to not risk an international incident, Adam decides it best that he go undercover as an illegal immigrant and a Circassian, a blonde-haired blue-eyed citizen of the Syrian territory. The plan? Join the immigration route and try to turn Yazdi into a double agent. At the Istanbul location, the truck appears right on schedule, and Adam hops aboard with Yazdi and a group of other travelers. They are soon switched to another truck, Adam making sure to attach magnetic GPS tracking device to it.

On the road to Bulgaria, Adam tries to become friendly with Yazdi, attempting to find some common bonds and pretending to be related to a well-known Afghani martyr. But Yazdi sees Adam as just another person chasing the false dreams of the western world, a disgrace to Islam and Arabs, threatening him with violence. Awkwardly, they must still share a crate when the truck reaches the Malko Turnovo checkpoint in Bulgaria. On the way to their next checkpoint in Serbia, one of the passengers is aghast to find that his father, who he was bringing to a British hospital, has died. Taking a half-hour pit stop to bury the body, Adam attempts once again with Yazdi, but is told never to speak to him again.

That night, the truck is stopped in the middle of the road by bandits. After tossing all the travelers out and making off with the truck, we discover that the bandits are Mi-5 agents, led by Zaf (Raza Jaffrey). Abandoned in the woods and with agents coming any minute, Yazdi demands that Adam help him get to England, having known Adam was British Intelligence all along. Revealing that they have Prince Hakim, Adam makes Yazdi a deal: be a double agent for two years, and they'll release him with a new identity. Yazdi agrees, admitting that he was going to the U.K. to take charge of the Al Kahf cell in London.

Although Yazdi is now in Mi-5 custody, the operation isn't over until they can manage to find the London-based Al Kahf cell and eliminate the terrorist threat. Although Harry is worried that there is no hard evidence of the attack, and that they could be getting played, Juliet persuades Mi-5 to believe Yazdi's stories. With Fiona leading the interrogation at a VIP safe house, Yazdi exposes Al Kahf's plot to strike the House of Commons, the location of the explosives, and a contact by the name of Hussein Hadrami (Sam Vincenti). Allowing Yazdi to take care of the questioning, Hadrami is brought in, looking surprised to see his hero Yazdi before him. When he learns that Yazdi was involved with a route sponsored by Prince Hakim, a sworn enemy of Al Kahf, Hadrami calls Yazdi a traitor.

Returning to the hotel suite, Harry (Peter Firth) gets on the Prince, saying that they now have proof that he and Al Kahf were in cahoots, having helped facilitate the organization of a terrorist attack. Pleading that he is being maligned and slaughtered, he can do nothing when told that he is now detained indefinitely under the Anti -Terrorism Act. So what now? Juliet thinks it best to have Yazdi and the Prince meet face-to-face as a final resort. Adam, having rewatched the Yazdi/Hadrami interrogation on video, believes that something doesn't feel right, that Yazdi appeared to be leading Hadrami the entire time. However, Juliet is the ranking officer, and she commands that the meeting should happen, against all objections.

At the safe house, Mi-5 sets Yazdi and the Prince across the table from each other. After a moment of awkward silence, Yazdi leaps forward, knocks him to the ground, and fatally stabs the Prince in the neck using the Prince's own glasses. This was the plan all along. There was no terrorist threat, only an assassination target.

The Prince's body is sent back to Istanbul, the media reporting it as a heart attack. At headquarters, Harry refuses Juliet's suggestion that she tender her resignation. Sometimes the agency gets played, and it's best to make sure that never happens again.

Hey! I Know That Actor!

Khalid Abdalla, who played Yazdi the assassin, has appeared in such films as "United 93" and "Green Zone," but he is best known as the star of "The Kite Runner," the Marc Forster-directed adaptation of the Khaled Hosseini bestselling novel.

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