'Mi-5,' Episode Three Recap: 'One Last Dance'

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Previously on Mi-5

Senior Case Officer Tom Quinn (Matthew Macfadyen) and Junior Administrative Officer Helen Flynn (Lisa Faulkner) of Mi-5--Britain's national security--go undercover as a married couple to infiltrate a group responsible for instigating race riots. But when their target gets the upper hand on the government agency, Helen pays with her life.

This Week's Episode: "One Last Dance"

Written by: Simon Mirren
Directed by: Rob Bailey

Doing manual checkups on Mi-5's surveillance at the State Consulate of Turkey, Junior Case Officer Zoe Reynolds (Keeley Hawes) goes undercover as Emily Arlington, a PR consultant with ties to Turkish travel agent Sonay Alkan (Oliver Haden), a man who has been invited to the consulate for a casual evening of drinking and schmoozing.

Meanwhile, after briefly and carefully following Senior Case Officer Tessa Phillips (Jenny Agutter), the mysterious Johnny Marks (Christopher Fulford) meets with a gang of Kurdish rebels. Led by sister-and-brother Leyla (Katie Jones) and Chalak Bakuri (Ray Panthaki), the rebels declare that "Today, we will remind the world that all we want is our home." After Zoe manages to pick a lock and complete her task, the terrorist plan goes into action and the rebels storm the consulate, taking hostages.

When Mi-5 gets word of the rebel siege and Zoe's capture, Head of Counter-Terrorism Department Harry Pearce (Peter Firth) puts Junior Case Officer Danny Hunter (David Oyelowo http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0654648/) in charge of Alpha Team and pulls Tom away from attending his own birthday celebration, much to the chagrin of his girlfriend Ellie (Esther Hall) and her daughter Maisie (Heather Cave). (Don't forget, neither Ellie nor Maisie are aware of Tom's true identity, knowing him instead as IT man Matthew Archer.)

At the Consulate, the rebels strap a bomb to the asthmatic Turkish Consul Ozan Cozar (Kevork Malikyan http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0539616/), put him out on the balcony for all to see, and make their demands known: Release four Kurdish citizens being kept at a Turkish prison and nobody gets hurt.

While Danny and Alpha Team have trouble installing proper surveillance in the consulate, the rebels go through the hostages' personal belongings, happening upon Zoe's lockpicking kit. When Leyla demands that the spy in their midst step forward, Zoe hesitates, revealing her identity only after the rebels threaten the life of a captured policeman.

At Mi-5, Tessa watches over surveillance video from the beginning of the raid and is surprised to see a blast from her past appear on the screen -- the one and only Johnny Marks. Their backstory fills in: A former lover of Tessa, Marks once worked for Mi-5 "in the Middle East recruiting cleanskins" until he revealed himself as a traitor, subsequently blowing up in an Irish car bomb all the way back in 1987. But as Harry points out, the only person Marks works for is himself, so why is this suddenly resurrected man helping this faction of Kurdish rebels?

Marks is seen communicating with both the rebels and his own men from the safety of his own hideout, where he is also keeping his own hostage. This woman is Tara (Beth Vyse), whose capture has forced her father, the Mi-5-affiliated bank owner Roger Welks (Jeremy Bulloch), to give up a specific set of codes. In truth, the rebel siege is merely a distraction so Marks' men can access Welks' secret bank and steal bank-protected information that would reveal the names and locations of all of Britain's government agents, information that would net Marks a ridiculously huge profit and send "years of intelligence down the drain."

When Special Forces shows up at the consulate, Tom pulls Danny away so they can focus on Marks' men, who have already broken into Cranborne Back with the necessary codes. As Danny and Alpha Team navigate a series of underground tunnels built during WWII, tunnels that will give them secret access to Cranborne Bank, Tom creates a fake news story using repurposed footage of the Kurdish prisoners to satisfy Leyla's demands. Just then, Ozan has an asthma attack, leading to Tom and Leyla working out a deal: Give us Zoe, and we'll bring Ozan an inhaler.

As the exchange gets underway, Danny and Alpha Team gain access to the bank and overtake Marks' men. When word quickly gets back to the rebels, who have finally realized that Marks played them all, violence bursts out at the Consulate. Special Forces are able to contain the violence and arrest the rebels, but not before a Kevlar vest-wearing Tom catches a bullet in the side. By the time agents can track down Marks' hideout, he has already left, leaving behind a still-alive Tara.

Tessa returns home that night to find Marks waiting for her. As she convinces him not to sell the names of the government agents, she drops a bombshell on him: A few weeks after they "found" his body in 1987, she discovered that she was pregnant with his child, only to miscarry five months later. "That's twice you broke my heart," she tells him. But not a third time, as Marks looks out Tessa's window to see Harry and a number of agents waiting to arrest him. Confronting Harry, Marks makes a deal: "I walk, you get the names."

The case closed, Tom comes home after a long day of work, and a forgiving Ellie and Maisie give him his birthday presents.

Hey! I Know That Actor!

Jenny Agutter, who plays Tessa, was a child actor famous for her role on "The Railway Children." However, modern audiences know her best from her roles in genre fare such as the John Landis 1981 horror comedy "An American Werewolf in London" and the 1976 science fiction classic "Logan's Run."

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