'Mi-5,' Episode Twenty-Eight Recap: 'The Special (Part 2)'

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Previously on Mi-5

In the first half of this two-parter episode, an American eco-terrorist group called Shining Dawn promises to set off a devastating explosion every ten hours until their infamous leader is released. With another bomb set to go off at a tower block, Adam (Rupert Penry-Jones) and witness Tash (Martine McCutcheon) must save Zaf (Raza Jaffrey) from captivity. For more, read the full episode recap here.

This Week's Episode: "The Special (Part 2)"

Written by: Ben Richards
Directed by: Antonia Bird

After the Mi-5 mole sends him directly into the hand of the eco-terrorists, Zaf does not appear long for this world. Luckily, Adam and Tash are just around the corner, and using some spy ingenuity and the two bottles of alcohol Tash just happens to have in her purse, they are able to overtake the two captors with petrol bombs and some well-aimed gunshots. Forced to throw one of the terrorists over the railing and to his death, Adam gets the truth from the remaining captor: the next scheduled bombing is taking place at a tower block in East London.

Concerned for the well-being of Mi-5, Harry (Peter Firth) goes to Whitehall with some bad news for the Home Secretary (Jeff Rawle) : he's turning in his resignation. Former colleague Juliet Shaw (Anna Chancellor), who's back in town to help with the Shining Dawn mission, has taken to blackmail, threatening to expose Harry's involvement with a cover-up that happened during Operation Omega, a Cold War-era mission that went haywire. The Home Secretary reluctantly agrees to the resignation, but only after the Shining Dawn mission concludes.

Dropping Tash off at headquarters so she can identify the terrorist with whom she interacted at the train station in the previous episode, Adam and Zaf head directly to five tower blocks and, with Emergency Services helping, are able to find the building in question and defuse the bomb. Noticing the lack of carnage from a vantage point, Shining Dawn members Forster (Andrew Tiernan) and Lydia (Ania Sowinski) plan out the next attack. "They won't find the next one," Lydia says, to which Forster replies, "Even if they do, I'll make sure they can't defuse it."

Meanwhile, a sleeping Ruth (Nicola Walker) accidentally allows Professor Stephen Curtis (Nigel Terry) - whose teachings have inspired Shining Dawn - to quietly leave their safe house. Outside, Mi-5 agents attempt to send Curtis back into the safe house when a man with a knife approaches. Adam and Zaf drive up to the scene just in time to chase the man away, but not after exchanging gunfire.

At headquarters, while Malcolm (Hugh Simon) and Colin (Rory MacGregor) show Tash their gadgetry - including a jacket with a hidden microphone and tracking device - Harry and Adam try to suss out the identity of the mole. Certain it is Juliet, they corner her and demand answers, only to be ridiculed. She is on their side, but she does have information she and the visiting Americans been keeping from them: the identity of Forster, a U.K.-based bomber helping Shining Dawn with their mission.

At the entrance to Thames House, Ruth has finally managed to get Professor Curtis safely to headquarters when he passes by somebody he recognizes, somebody he's seen in Munroe's presence: American agent Richard Boyd (Corey Johnson). Before they realize that Boyd is the mole, he has already infiltrated the grid and captured Tash. Luckily, she is still in possession of the tracking jacket, and after a series of backtracks, hand-offs, and a very serious game of hide-and-seek in the basement of Thames House, Adam and Zaf manage to capture Boyd.

Forster and Lydia - knowing that Tash has made them - kidnap her upon her return home and take her to their newest attack site - a hospital basement - and strap her to a bomb that can only be stopped with a correct alpha-numerical code. As the clock ticks down, Mi-5 and the Americans come to an agreement that they will release Boyd back into their custody, but only after they use Boyd to find Forster and ultimately the next bomb. Setting up a riverside meeting between Boyd and Forster, Mi-5 is able to capture Forster, but Boyd catches a stray American bullet and dies.

Now knowing the location of the next bomb, Adam and Zaf do their best to evacuate the hospital while the agents back at headquarters threaten Forster with torture. When that doesn't work, they bring Professor Curtis in to talk down the eco-terrorist, saying that while both parties agree that the human race is a pox on the Earth, murdering them isn't a solution. Still, Forster won't budge. With two minutes left on the hospital bomb's countdown, Adam is ordered to leave Tash behind, strapped to the bomb. However, having recently lost fellow agent Danny, Adam's conscience gets the best of him, and he decides to stay behind with Tash. Fortuitously, the brilliant Curtis uses knowledge of Shining Dawn's love of mythology to figure out the bomb password: "KRONOS 2." Adam punches in the numbers, and with two seconds left, the bomb is defused.

Having vanquished the threat, Harry speaks once again with the Home Secretary and is told that his resignation is not accepted. Mi-5 will continue the fight against their enemies, even if the public has no idea how close they came to utter annihilation.

Hey! I Know That Actor!

Corey Johnson, who plays the mole Richard Boyd, is an American actor who specializes in military and government agent characters in such films as "Saving Private Ryan," "Hellboy," "United 93," "X-Men: First Class," and two of the Jason Bourne movies.

Nigel Terry, who portrays Professor Stephen Curtis, can be seen in such films as "The Lion in Winter," "Excalibur," and "Troy," as well as the television programs "The Time of Your Life," "Crime and Punishment," "Resort to Murder," and "Covington Cross."

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