'Mi-5,' Episode Twenty-Four Recap: 'Celebrity'

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Previously on 'Mi-5'

Mi-5 must track down a hacker in possession of a dangerous computer algorithm that could destroy the country. For more, read the full episode recap here.

This Week's Episode: "Celebrity"

Written by: Howard Brenton
Directed by: Bill Anderson

While throwing a wild party celebrating his recent knighthood, rock and roll legend Riff (Andy Serkis) and his supermodel wife B (Rebecca Palmer) find that their infant son Alfie has been kidnapped. While the team tries to figure out the identity of the woman who distracted Riff's security officer (who should have been manning the surveillance), Adam (Rupert Penry-Jones) meets with Michelle Molby (Arabella Weir), the editor of the gossip tabloid "Mega Mag" to discuss her upcoming story on the kidnapping. For the protection of the missing child, Adam makes an exchange: he admits that Mi-5 is involved in the case, and she kills the story...at least for now.

Meanwhile, Harry (Peter Firth) has his own government problems to deal with when treasury minister John Sylvester (Adrian Lukis) calls him in to manage a crisis. Sylvester, it seems, had dallied with a woman he shouldn't have been dallying with, and after she threatened to call the tabloids, he lost control and struck her. Last he saw, she was unconscious in Kensington Gardens. After the briefest of investigations, Harry comes back to Sylvester's office with photos of the woman's dead body. She is now in the Kensington Mortuary and her body remains unidentified, implying that she may be in the country illegally. Harry hands Sylvester a pen and demands that he writes his resignation letter immediately. Sylvester follows suit, but later that day is surprised to see Oliver Mace (Tim McInnerny), the chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee, stroll into his office holding the resignation letter, having intercepted it before it reached the Prime Minister. Wait for a big news day in order to resign, and do it without mentioning the dead woman, so the story can be buried in the back of a newspaper.

Back to the rock and roll kidnapping case, Mi-5 have become worried that the erratic and drug-addicted B may be more of a detriment to the case than they originally thought, and so they bring in Adam's wife Fiona (Olga Sosnovska), an Mi-6 agent, to work undercover as a makeup sales rep and become B's friend. Immediately, B takes to Fiona, thanks not only to Fiona's fabricated backstory but also to the grade-A cocaine Mi-5 has given her to share. (No worries: While the stuff she's giving to B is pure, Fiona has her own fake batch for herself so as to seem game.)

Chez Riff receives a call from the kidnapper to bring three million pounds to a rock club known as The Hole, where Riff first got his start, and leave it in the cloakroom. Adam advises against giving the money, but a distraught and increasingly unstable Riff insists. Fine, says Adam, but he gets to run the entire operation. B becomes upset when she is told that Riff cannot be with the money during the entire exchange, but there's little she can do.

At The Hole, Riff follows the instructions while Adam and Danny (David Oyelowo) set up surveillance so as to capture the criminal. Noticing some loose bricks on the outside wall of the cloakroom, they set up a camera outside the club so as to not take any chances. That night, they get visual confirmation of the masked kidnapper and watch him pick up the ransom. But when the kidnapper makes a stop at a scrapyard and uses an electromagnet to kill the tracking devices in the holdall, he is able to lose the government agents' tail.

Back at Chez Riff, Fiona and Adam begin to believe that B is behind the crime, wanting to drum up publicity for her washed-up husband and her fledgling career. As they discuss how the rest of the case could potentially go, as well as Fiona's sudden decision to indulge in the real cocaine she's sharing with B, Harry comes in with some bad news, saying that everything has changed. Just a few hundred yards outside of the estate, they find Alfie's body, dead from a head injury, likely from being dropped during the initial kidnapping. The ransom was all for nothing.

As Adam demands that Fiona be removed from the operation, Ruth (Nicola Walker) comes in with a break in the case: An old contact of hers, who worked in Italian drug routes, recognizes the woman who distracted the security guard on the night of the kidnapping. She is an associate of Rudolphino Ponti (Vincenzo Nicoli), a heroin dealer who just happened to have been Riff's road manager once upon a time. As Mi-5 sets up what should be the final leg in the mission, "Mega Mag" goes ahead and publishing the kidnapping story, saying they got direct word from Downing Street to run the feature. "Why are they meddling?" Harry wonders.

During a heart-to-heart, B finally admits to Fiona that she set up the entire kidnapping. But her confession is ill-timed, as a very drunk Riff gets a call from Ponti, who requests that he returns to The Hole so they can talk about Alfie. At the club, Ponti tells Riff that Alfie's death was a complete accident. Just as B and Fiona arrive, Riff pulls out a knife and viciously stabs Ponti. Fiona reveals her true identity and is rewarded with a hard backhand to the face, and after B admits to concocting the plot, saying "we can have another baby," the weeping Riff kills her. Adam and Danny, having temporarily lost B and Fiona in the chaos, get to the club only to witness Riff take Ponti's gun and commit suicide.

As the media reports it, Riff and B were so distraught over the death of their child that they entered into a suicide pact. And deep within the back pages of all the newspapers lies Sylvester's resignation, said to be a way for him to spend more time with his children. Upset with the meddling, Harry has Adam meet with Michelle Molby once again, having him hand over the files about Sylvester's terrible misdeed. Molby thanks him for the information, implying that she may sit on the story until election time.

Hey! I Know That Actor!

Andy Serkis, who plays the alcohol-swilling rock and roll legend Riff, built up a solid career as a character actor before his internationally lauded performances as Gollum in the "Lord of the Rings" saga, King Kong in "King Kong," and Caesar in "Rise of the Planet of the Apes," three roles that made the world aware of what a motion-capture performance can truly entail. He is rumored to make his directorial debut with a brand-new adaption of George Orwell's "Animal Farm."

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