'Mi-5,' Episode Twenty-Nine Recap: 'Divided They Fall'

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Previously on Mi-5

In the second half of a two-part episode, Mi-5 must uncover the mole helping out eco-terrorist organization Shining Dawn before it's too late. For more, read the full episode recap here.

This Week's Episode: "Divided They Fall"

Written by: Ben Richards
Directed by: Alrick Riley

A fringe political party known as British Way (slogan: "Defending the British People") have chosen to finally reveal themselves as a party to be reckoned with. Characterized by their pro-white, anti-immigration, racist rhetoric, they secretly set up a race riot in East London the same day that MP William Sampson (Rupert Graves) announces that he is ditching his own party so he can be re-elected as the first Member of Parliament for British Way. "Then, let them dare say that our views are unrepresentative of the British people," he proclaims at a press conference. "Because tonight, ladies and gentlemen, I am the voice of every frightened, disillusioned, and angry person in Britain."

Hearing word that Sampson plans to bring at least another dozen current MPs into the party, National Security Coordinator Juliet Shaw (Anna Chancellor) commands Harry (Peter Firth) and Mi-5 to intervene for the good of the country. So how do you to stop the other MPs from revolting? Turn them against each other, of course. As Adam (Rupert Penry-Jones) goes undercover as a disillusioned British Way supporter to get close to the hotheaded second-in-command Keith Moran (David Threlfall), Fiona (Olga Sosnovska) poses as a Public Affairs Director and meets one of the potential defectors, MP Peregrine Howell-Davis (Steven Pacey). Blackmailing Howell-Davis by threatening to out his homosexuality, she convinces him to join their quest to destroy Sampson's reputation and everything he stands for.

After having his new identity checked and double-checked by the members of British Way, Adam is able to infiltrate their headquarters and bring information back to Mi-5. Moran, he tells his colleagues, is "stubbornly loyal" to Sampson and is going to be a tough nut to crack. To hedge their bets, Harry temporarily sends Ruth (Nicola Walker) back to work at GCHQ to pose as Adam's cousin, able to reveal "top secret information" to Adam, Moran, and the rest of the British Way.

Meanwhile, Fiona and Howell-Davis start having regular meetings with Sampson, saying that she represents a very wealthy client willing to make a substantial donation to British Way, but only if the group tones down the violence and that they get rid of the most openly extremist party members. Sampson agrees, calling out Moran specifically for overreaching, but it can only happen after the upcoming election.

The case goes into overdrive when a young white girl is murdered, allegedly by an Afghani immigrant, causing a media circus and reigniting talks to overhaul Britain's immigration policy, with Sampson leading the battle. After just barely stopping some British Way thugs from "going hunting" - shooting a loaded crossbow into a minority-patronized supermarket - Adam sets up a meeting between Moran and Adam's "cousin," where Ruth plays Moran an audio recording of Sampson throwing his second-in-command under the bus. The trap is set, as Adam turns to Moran and tells him, "We can take the party back from him."

Believing that this is the right moment to strike, especially since Howell-Davis has promised that 10 MPs are all set to defect at the same time, Sampson sets up another press conference. Upon dedicating the speech to the memory of the dead girl, he announces a new dawn in the life of British Way, only to be humiliated when no defectors show up. Howell-Davis, meanwhile, goes to the news and publicly denouncing Sampson as "a delusional and dangerous megalomaniac who exploits violence for his own ends." Orchestrated perfectly, Mi-5 has single-handedly causes a massive drop in support for Sampson's fringe group. He will not be re-elected.

What Mi-5 doesn't see coming, though, is how Moran would react to being used and exploited. Adam and Ruth meet up at the operation's safe house, only to discover the dead body of their spy contact and subsequently be captured. The thugs drop Adam and Ruth off at a nature reserve where Moran often goes. With a crossbow in hands, he's ready to hunt them far out of the city limits. Adam is nearly killed, but Ruth strikes Moran with a tree branch and is able to overtake and disarm Moran.

London is once again safe, but back at headquarters, Harry bemoans the mission, saying that they could have done better. And, truth be told, there will always be another Sampson.

Hey! I Know That Actor!

Rupert Graves, who played the racial extremist MP William Sampson, is best known for his work on "Sherlock," "Garrow's Law," "The Last King," and "The Forsythe Saga," as well as his performances in such films as "V For Vendetta," "Death at a Funeral," "Mrs. Dalloway," "Maurice," and "A Room With a View."

David Threlfall, who played the psychopathic Keith Moran, is the star of the original British version of "Shameless," on which he also serves as director and executive producer.

Marcus Gorman is the author of the novel "Triceratops."

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