'Mi-5,' Episode Twenty-Seven Recap: 'The Special (Part 1)'

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Previously on Mi-5

When Danny (David Oyelowo) and Fiona (Olga Sosnovska) are kidnapped by an Iraqi man set on revenge, Danny makes the ultimate sacrifice. For more, read our full episode recap here.

This Week's Episode: "The Special (Part 1)"

Written by: Ben Richards
Directed by: Antonia Bird

Reeling from the loss of Danny, their colleague and friend, the spies of Mi-5 are unfortunately forced to leave his funeral when a bomb is detonated nearby, killing an estimated 50 people. Returning to Thames House, they get word that one group is claiming responsibility, the eco-terrorist collective Shining Dawn. Told that unless they release their leader, Michael Munroe, they will detonate a bomb every ten hours. "Be warned that our aim will be maximum civilian casualties," the female voice tells them. "How much carnage do you think public opinion will tolerate for the sake of one man?" As Shining Dawn - a group that believes humanity is being enslaved by technology and genetic engineering - is based out of America, Mi-5 has no choice but to share their office space and resources with an American anti-terrorist squad that has been on Shining Dawn's tail for years. Believing that their best bet is to find out who made the bombs in question (as it would be somebody based out of the U.K.), Adam (Rupert Penry-Jones) sends the Oxford-educated Ruth (Nicola Walker) to meet with and question Professor Stephen Curtis (Nigel Terry), a Shining Dawn sympathizer worshipped by Munroe.

Watching CCTV footage of the eco-terrorists setting the first bomb, the team traces their van to the credit card of Carl Mortimer (Aneirin Hughes), an operations manager for UK Central Maintenance. Capturing him and bringing him to a safe house for interrogation, Mortimer pleads with Adam and Zaf (Raza Jaffrey) that he is not a terrorist, having lent his credit card to Delphine (Michelle Bonnard), his mistress. Outside the safe house, Mortimer takes a bullet to the head, with Adam and Zaf barely making it out alive. There must be a mole working back at Mi-5, but who? Could it be Juliet Shaw (Anna Chancellor), a former colleague of Harry's (Peter Firth) gunning for the high-level position of National Security Coordinator? Or is it one of the Americans who know so much about Shining Dawn?

Meanwhile, at Professor Curtis' home near Oxford, Ruth's illuminating conversation with him is cut short when she spots an armed man approach. Escaping from the house, they return to Ruth's car only to see her transport has been murdered. With little options left, the two flee on foot out into the vast fields nearby. Believing that Munroe would never put out a hit on him, Professor Curtis toys with Ruth, giving her a clue quoting a passage from Homer's "The Iliad." Ever the brainiac, Ruth figures out that he is referring to a passage about Achilles, and combined with CCTV footage of the hotel where Mortimer would carry out his affair, Mi-5 puts everything together: Delphine also goes by the name of Jeanette Sechard, a French citizen who joined Shining Dawn while studying in the United States, and she currently lives on Achilles Avenue.

Just as an armed team approaches Delphine's apartment, she receives a text to "CLEAR OUT," tosses out her cell phone's SIM card, and runs. Still, Adam, Zaf, and their team cut her off in an alleyway, and after exclaiming that "Life is pointless for me now, anyway," she reaches into her purse for a gun and is shot down. Adam is distraught to find that she never had a gun in the first place. Shining Dawn is even more influential than previously thought.

Finding her SIM card, Colin (Rory MacGregor) discovers several calls to National Rail Enquiries, all calls about arrivals. The next bombing will take place at a mainline train station, a place where Shining Dawn can achieve "maximum casualties." With less than ten minute left, Mi-5 calls in an evacuation order to the train station, only to have it foiled when Shining Dawn calls in their own threat, implying that they are ready with a car bomb outside the station. As the station's patrons panic, the bomb squad comes in, finds the bomb atop one of the support beams, and defuses the explosive.

Going over the CCTV footage of the near-disaster, Adam and Zaf spot a waitress who works at the station, Natasha (Martine McCutcheon), noticing that she may have had contact with those who planted the bomb. Arriving at her council estate, Adam spirits her away from a night of partying and drinking, hoping to bring her back to Thames House for further interrogation. But his trip back to headquarters is cut short when Zaf, assigned with covering Adam, is quickly captured, shackled, and beaten by members of Shining Dawn.

To be continued...

Hey! I Know That Actor!

What isn't Anna Chancellor in? Seen here playing Juliet Shaw, Chancellor has also appeared on "The Hour," "Suburban Shootout," "Fortysomething," "The Vice," "Kavanagh QC," "Jupiter Moon," and the acclaimed "Pride and Prejudice" miniseries.

Martine McCutcheon, who plays Natasha the waitress, is seen every Christmas in millions of homes across the world whenever they pop in their well-worn DVD of "Love Actually," capturing Hugh Grant's heart.

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