About the Show
Miranda (Miranda Hart) is 6 feet 1 inch tall, pear-shaped and men tend to call her "Sir". Since attending boarding school, she has never really fitted in with old girls Tilly (Sally Phillips) and Fanny (Katy Wix) and finds social situations awkward, especially around men. She is a constant disappointment to her mother Penny (Patricia Hodge), who is desperate for her to get a proper job and a husband. Although Miranda owns, and lives above, a joke shop, she lacks any real capacity for business, so it is managed by her childhood friend Stevie Sutton (Sarah Hadland). The restaurant next door is run by chef Gary Preston (Tom Ellis), a university friend whom Miranda fancies, and waiter Clive (James Holmes). The various episodes revolve around this set-up. Miranda is funny in a timeless way. She is the bit of us that reads the magazines and almost believes she can have it all: set up business, find perfect partner, be nice to mother and lose weight. Her ill-starred combination of striving and pratfall rings all too true Miranda moments are the stuff of life, just funnier.
Unfortunately, this show or series does not have any scheduled upcoming episodes.
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