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This critically acclaimed romantic love story with a twist portrays three broken hearts that converge by destiny; A heartbroken out of work sound technician can’t get over the girl who leaves him without a word. He collects sounds on tape and sends them to her. A girl name Ryo receives the tapes by accident. She is involved with a married man, but temptation leads her to track down the tapes sender because the sounds continue to echo in her head. Meanwhile, a recently divorced psychiatrist embarks on a soul-searching journey and meets the sound technician. Will these three lonely souls eventually find the place that is closest to their hearts? Winner of the Special Jury Award at Tokyo IFF and winner of the Venice IFF renowned Critic’s Week Award, this hip youthful film is both timeless as it’s emotional impact is universal; a contemporary tale about the search for love, and a place to belong next to another human being. Directed by Lin Jing-Jie, 2008, color. In Mandarin with English subtitles.