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Moyers & Company: How do Conservatives and Liberals See the World?

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Our country is more politically polarized than ever. Is it possible to agree to disagree, and still move on to solve our massive problems? Or are the blind leading the blind -- over the cliff? This weekend onMoyers & Company, Bill and moral psychologist Jonathan Haidttalk about the psychological underpinnings of our contentious culture, why we can't trust our own opinions, and the demonizing of our adversaries.
Also, a Bill Moyers Essay on why Newt Gingrich might be afraid of Saul Alinsky.

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WTF is KCET's problem? Aside from PBS/CPB having completely sold out (you have way too many commercials, and if you think they're not commercials, you're probably unable to read), how is that EVERY entry about Moyers is boiler plate? I wanted to check the spelling of tonight's guest's name, and what do I find? Commercials from KCET about KCET. Absolute b*llsh*t.



Thanks for reaching out. The listing information you see on our pages is what we get from our listings provider. We are working on getting more information, but in the mean time you can visit Bill Moyers' site for more info:

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