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Moyers & Company: Where Movies End and Politics Begins

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Preview Moyers & Company: Where Do Movies End and Politics Begin? from on Vimeo.

This weekend's Moyers & Company starts with a compelling Bill Moyers Essay: Is it fair for parents to opt out of vaccinations for their children on the basis of religion or philosophy? Bill weighs the value of personal liberty versus the greater public health.

Next, historian and culture critic Neal Gabler joins Bill to discuss how representations of heroism in movies shape our expectations of a U.S. president, and how our real-world candidates are packaged into superficial, two-dimensional personas designed to appeal to both the electorate and the media.

Finally, Bill talks with acclaimed poet and Poetry Magazine editor Chris Wiman about how finding true love and being diagnosed with a rare and incurable blood cancer reignited his religious passion as well as his creative expression.