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Full Episode: 'Standing Up For Democracy'

This episode aired on March 29, 2012.

American history is rich with stories of social change inspired by the actions of motivated individuals and organized groups. Today's activists are no different -- facing long odds against powerful and systemic special interests.

On this episode of "Moyers & Company," which originally aired on March 30, 2012, Bill talks with young but very experienced organizers George Goehl, Ai-jen Poo, and Sarita Gupta - all involved with a nationwide citizens' initiative called the The 99% Spring, which takes place the week of April 9th. Organizers aim to train 100,000 Americans to teach about income inequality in homes, places of worship, campuses and the streets.

A 99% Spring co-organizer, George Goehl is executive director of National People's Action, a network of grassroots organizations using direct action to battle economic and racial injustice.

Ai-jen Poo, director and co-founder of the 10,000-member National Domestic Workers Alliance, led the fight for passage of The Domestic Workers' Bill of Rights in New York State, the first of its kind in America. Sarita Gupta is executive director of Jobs with Justice, a labor organization in 46 cities and 26 states working to create a broad, global movement for economic and social justice. Poo and Gupta are also participating in an economic campaign for domestic and homecare workers of all ages called Caring Across Generations.

Moyers concludes the broadcast with an essay on what citizens can do to find out who's paying for all those political ads running on their local television stations, including references to initiatives from ProPublica and the New America Foundation.

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Any chance for some coverage of the Tea Party movement?