A Suitcase for Mr. D.

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Mr. D is fed up with Mo, Tiny Tina and Oogleberry and seizes the opportunity to return to visit his former owners and imagines that he might never return. One by one Mo, Tiny Tina and Oogleberry let Mr. D know they will miss him. Finally Mr. D realizes he really loves living in Courtney's house and that home is always the best place to be. Courtney recounts how she once broke into her brother Johnny's bedroom and played with his toys. Johnny was so upset that he moved to the tree house. Oogleberry comes to realize that what they have at Courtney's house is the best thing of all.

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This show has many wonderful benefits for our children's emotional development.... but, I have to say that someone should oversee the English usage. Children should not become accustomed to hearing "feeling badly" and "snuck". Please say "feeling bad" and "sneaked", as these are the correct forms.